Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mending Fences

I've been thinking a lot
about relationships lately.

These storm clouds remind
me of some of those

Some relationships
take more work than others.
Some, sadly,
get interrupted,
suspended in time,
hanging in the air,
with no where to go.

I've had a couple of important
go south.
I have to accept
 culpability in them both.
I've tried to make amends.
I've apologized.

Now, I wait.
Hoping that one day
the clouds will part,
and the sun will shine through again.
It is trying to
poke through,
there is always hope
amidst the storm.


texwisgirl said...

at least you are trying. whether it works or not, the ball might be in the other party's court. good luck!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Life is so complicated isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph was so optimistic! Sure hope everything works out. Relationships are funny, yeah, they are!

Jaime said...

Think of all the positive you have! Everything that you want/need will fall into place.