Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Hustle and Bustle

I just had to do it.
I had to get out to the stores one more time.
Here is my open letter to those lovely people I encountered today:

Dear Fellow Shoppers:
It was lovely to spend some quality time with you today,
during this festive Christmas Season.

To the driver that nearly put me in the ditch...
I really didn't mind.  I was feeling a little
melancholy today and the rush of adrenaline
was useful in fighting the crowds.

To the man in the wheelchair that
ran over my foot...
It's doing pretty well.
The purple will go stunningly with my purple
velvet top I'm wearing to Christmas services.

To the lady that got me
with her suitcase purse in the back...
Thank you for hitting me in just the right spot!
It matches the the kink on the other side perfectly!
It seems to have enabled me to stand a little more
erectly now.

To the child that rammed the cart into my arm...
I'm trying to face challenges with grace now that I'm in the 50's,
so thank you.
I really don't use my left arm...much,
so I embrace the opportunity to smile through this
temporary handicap.

To the elderly man in the motorized cart...
I've always wondered if one really saw stars
when they hit their head on something hard.
Let me tell you, they were just like Christmas lights in my head!
Thankfully, I only broke my right leg so I have one good leg and one good arm.
The ER Doc was nice enough to give me a red and green striped cast
for Christmas!

As they wheeled me from ER,
they heard me exclaim,
Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!

Glad to be alive

This day of Christmas,
I wish you laughter!

Certain parts of this story are completely fictitious.
I'll let you decide which ones!


Valerie said...

This was really funny! You gave me the gift of laughter today.

Kandi said...

Hee hee...cute. Made me smile and SO TRUE!!!