Monday, October 18, 2010

I just love baby feet!
Don't you?

The last leaf has fallen from it's branch and was resting gracefully upon the lawn.
I finished cleaning up the last of the leaves this weekend.
The yard looks so clean!
But then I glanced back at my birch and maple,
suddenly struck by their bareness.
It was a  quick reminder of what's to come.

Instead of dwelling on that four letter word (no...not snow as I love snow),
C O L D, I decided to warm things up around here.
A few fall decorations now grace the windowsill and lovely cloth pumpkins
brighten an otherwise dark spot.
Becky made her pumpkin purchases and placed them strategically outside around the house.
Funny, but I would swear the scent of pumpkin pies was wafting from the kitchen.

It won't be long until the little monsters will be ringing doorbells looking for treats.
I'm always a little sad this time of year as trick or treating is done in our house.
In addition to that, we never have anyone ring our bell on Halloween.
I have always loved Halloween.
I've been a cave woman, Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde, witches, a punk rocker and my favorite, Micheal Myers from the movies Halloween, to name a few.
 Micheal Myers was my favorite costume.
Being able to go out and having people unable to identify me as male or female is one of my most guilty pleasures ever!

But alas, those days seem to be behind me.
Or are they?
Perhaps this will be our year to trick.
Be wary, you never know who's on the other side of your door!


Kandi said...

Michael Myers, huh? Funny! I have to say I get a little spooked when I can't tell if it's a man or woman under the costume! ;)

And I love baby feet, too. In fact, I just worked on a post about baby feet...not sure when I'll publish it but at least I know you'll enjoy it!

Valerie Godsey said...

I thought "How did you get a picture of my feet?" Those cute little feet looked like my feet when they were swollen...I even had the creases. Ian's are cute and mine weren't. I want to play "this little piggy went to market" on his toes. Tell Becky I have my purple Halloween towels she gave me last year in the kitchen. Wasn't today Bootiful? Happy fall!

Kayla said...

I wish I would have known that you were sad about not having trick or treating at your house when we lived there!!! That is kind of what we did every year - went to people who wanted trick or treaters - but didn't have them anymore. We did a lot of driving around and didn't hit a whole bunch of places - but the places we did hit were always REALLY happy to see us - so the kids got a bunch of candy anyway!!!

I have a thing for baby feet too - my kids have always gotten a lot of foot rubs because I just couldn't keep my hands off their pudgy little piggies!!!

Jill said...

Trust me...we do a lot of "This Little Piggy" when he's here!

I would have LOVED to have had your family here for trick or treating, Kayla. Gosh, I love this blog for learning so much about people but I am so frustrated we couldn't connect more when you were here!

Kandi...Can't wait for your post on baby feet. I KNOW I'll LOVE it!