Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Day

The TV is set to off.
As is the radio.
The coffee pot isn't gurgling for morning guests.
The washer and dryer aren't running.

Not a creature is stirring,
not even a mouse.

Silence surrounds me.
While it feels rather good
to be barefooted in sweats,
I miss the banter between my kids.
Oh and how they banter!
I miss giggling 6 year old girls.
I long for the rustling of
wrapping paper being shredded from it's presents,
the ohs and ahs of joyfulness
when one discovers they have received the perfect gift.
A game of cards with a friend
sounds pretty inviting right now.

But so does a long winter's nap.

Decorations are packed
Barren shelves and walls abound.
The oven is empty,
the fridge is full of leftovers,
dishwasher packed and ready to run.
What little snow was here
is no where in site.
Many things I should be doing,
like laundry and cleaning.

A Merry Christmas was had by all.
And to all of you this day,
I'll bid you sweet naps.
I'm sure I'm not the only one,
that thinks it sounds good!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I don't get to take naps, but I enjoy the time that my twins do very much ;-) Sounds like you had a Merry Christmas Jill!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas Jill!... it's strange, but I kind of get a burst of energy after Christmas and start getting my house ready for Spring... I know, it is still winter, but I start cleaning cupboards and closets... kind of a fresh start for the new year... enjoy your nap time...and Happy New Year to you too!... xoxo Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun and now for some relaxation! Yesterday it was so rainy and windy and I took a nap - it felt great!

Jackie said...

The quiet after Christmas resonates. I miss the craziness of all the festivities, but enjoy the stillness now....for awhile.

Adrienne said...

Just took a break from writing "to do" organization lists to read some blogs. College son headed back to his apt. tonight, so all will be quiet, and clean up begins!
Happy New Year!

Gloria said...

I could use a nap every day! Problem is, I never get one. Oh well, Miss Mindy has enough for both of us!

Anonymous said...

Good Nappin' Jill :)
It's bed time over here [going on 10pm].
Have a great day!
Big hugs x

TexWisGirl said...

i took my husband to the airport today, came home and crashed for a 2 hour nap. :)

Nezzy said...

What's a nap??? Heeheehhee!

I'm thrilled ya'll had a great Christmas.

My stuff is still out 'cause we are havin' our Christmas Saturday on the Ponderosa. I'm kinda like a kid waitin' on Christmas here! :o)k

God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic New Year!!! :o)

Buttons said...

Well written Jill. I can feel your mood.
I am with Nezzy What is a nap? :) B

Cindy F. Adkins said...

Great poem, Jill! I love naps!!
Hugs, Cindy

Flora said...

Wonderful post! Sounds like you had a great time... And I don't do naps...:)

Michaele said...

Just sit back and absorb it all : )

Debbie said...

it's all about the memories. you are blessed to have a beautiful family to spend the holidays with!!

of all the homes i know, i think i would enjoy christmas in your home best!! xo

Debbie said...

ooooohhhh and the place looks GREAT!!!!

Paula said...

I had my nap today. One thing about being in the elderly group.

Chatty Crone said...

I am reading a book today that talks about taking some time alone, by yourself - that it is good for you. Solitude is where you find yourself.


Saun said...

Sounds like you had a great christmas. Love naps! I'm going to be in trouble next week when I have to go back to work ugh..... :)

Blessed Serendipity said...

Sometimes in all the noise and activities, it is really hard to hear the silence and the joy and peace that can come from it. Enjoy a well deserved nap Jill.


Scrappy Pink Corner said...

I try to take a nap every day when my husband get home from work. He is usually here at about 1 to 2 pm. We wake up every morning at 5:15am. He goes to bed at about 10pm and I usually stay up until 1am or later if I am working on a project. Naps are a great way to boost your body.
Hope you have a Happy New Year and 2012 to bring you good health, peace and lots of love and happiness around family.

Melodie said...

I love a good nap! I take them often!

Lynne said...

We are on the "same page" Jill,
Loved it all,
Miss it all,
But a nice nap is just fine for me . . .
(napped two days in a row so far . . . smile)
HNY . . .

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Jill,

Lovely poem and you are so right about it. Often it is the quiet of the moment that is best for enjoying. So I enjoyed our winterblooms of 'Wintersweet' that were sparkling in the sun in our kitchen. Something little to enjoy from our own garden...
Happy New Year to you with love,


ღ Life According To Milo ღ said...

Naps are awesome! Sounds like a plan. : ).. And it sounds like you all had a very Merry Christmas indeed.

Donna said...

Nice job on the poem Girl!!
Now I wish I could take that Nap!!Hahaa

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I think a nap is definitely going to part of my afternoon. I had a horrible headache last night and didn't sleep very well.

Hope you get one as well, Jill. Sounds like you need some rest! :)

Dianna said...

Hi, Jill,
It is a time to relax and recover, isn't it?
Sorry to be so late posting: I don't receive my e-mail updates on your posts until the next day....?!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, it is definitely time to relax!!! The holidays are hectic and it's awesome to just reflect and take in all the happiness of the holidays!!

forgetmenot said...

Jill, There is always a kind of "let down" after Christmas--the hustle and bustle is gone, and life almost start to take on a "normal" aspect once again. I'm with you on the nap--I could use about a 3 day one! You are a step ahead of me if you have your decorations all put away. Mine are in piles on the floor--maybe Christmas is not quite over yet! Have a good day. Mickie :)

Farm Girl said...

I think you said it so well, always the quiet that comes and maybe we aren't quite ready. I hope you have a lovely New Year.

Anonymous said...

That would be a lil too quiet for me, I always like something on in the background, that's why I have 4 playlists at the bottom of my blog, I'm always listening to something! LoL! =)

Happy Happy New Year!!! =)

Madi and Mom said...

Jill this is an excellent day after Christmas poem...
You are quite the wordsmith!!
Hugs C

EG Wow said...

Good for you for putting everything away so soon. You are an inspiration! :)

Donna said...

You nap time sounds inviting to me, my friend! My fatigue is up, sleeping is down again - I do not like this cycle!

I leave my decorations until the end of January! I just love the season - and while everyone rushes to take every thing down, I just relax and continue to enjoy!

Blessings, Jill, for a wonderful new year!