Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Drunk Monkey in My Head

I've decided to share some things with you that I have learned this past week.

1)  "Good Morning" can be very sweet to the heart as well as the ears!

2) If you are a warehouse shopper you may enjoy the following tips:

a) If a price tag has an * on it, the item is going to be discontinued.
b)  If the price ends in .97, the item is on sale!
c)  The best buys are in the center isles, i.e. home goods and seasonal items.

3) If you are not a member at a wholesale club you may still use their pharmacy!

4)  After shopping for a Halloween costume, I'd like to ask you all a question:

5)  Apparently, we all have a "drunk monkey" inside ourselves.  Yes, you read that right.  A drunk monkey.  According to some author I heard on the radio, that is what he calls the little negative voice in our heads.  So my public service announcement to you all is this "Ignore the drunk monkey in your head!"

6) Dinner out with friends can be very healing.

7)  I will never pass up the chance to do a Random Act of Kindness again!  I'm usually all over these and ignored a perfect chance to do it this week.  While going through McDonald's for a salad, I glanced in my rear view mirror.  I observed a young lady crying the drivers seat while her male companion attempted to comfort her.  I have been kicking myself all week that I didn't buy their order for them!  I hope the young lady is doing better today.

8)  If I wake up early on a Saturday again, I will get up.  Going back to sleep this morning presented me with nightmare after nightmare.  Eeek!

9)  It feels wonderful to have the time to shave!

10)  Getting older forces me to spend much more time on hair removal.  (Oh dear, I probably will be sorry I admitted that). Ha!

11)  Getting older causes long hairs to grow in odd places. (Another item I should not have shared). Ha! Ha!

12)  Pedestrians are convinced they will never be hit by a car.

13)  I have realized we need to stop putting all of the blame of texting while driving on the teens.  I observed a mother with two small children in the backseat texting as she was driving.  Wake Up LADY!

14)  Bullying in ANY form has got to STOP!  We must ALL stand up and do what we can do to prevent it.  As Abraham Lincoln said: "No man stands taller than when they stoop to help a child."

15)  I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Derek Hough from Dancing With the Stars.

16)  After re-reading my post thus far, I've realized how addicted I am to the !.  Sorry!  Oops!  Oh forget it! =(

17)  I am also addicted to emoticons. =)

18) After two weeks of thinking, I finally remembered how to spell C'est la vie. Wait now...that's right, isn't it?  Isn't it?  Oh, this could be embarrassing!  It's HARD getting older!

19) I've been reminded of why I can't stand The View!

20)  I love, love, love watching my "little man" yet I'm as excited as the kids to have two days off next week!

22) Loyalty isn't a very good topic of conversation.

23)  I've noticed I may be rambling and may have lost some of you, by now.  So I'll quit with these words...

C'est la Vie!  =) I'm not sure again.   In fact, I think I'm wrong!   I'm off to google C'est la Vie!


Valerie Godsey said...

C'est la Vie! indeed. Thanks for all your wisdom (I didn't know .97 meant it was on sale.) I love having time to shave too and am looking forward to a shaving party tomorrow morning. While I waited for my liver transplant the hair on my legs virtually quit growing. Since the transplant it grows like a weed on my legs and elsewhere. Great. Now all I can think about is the drunk monkey in my head! Love you, Valerie

Kayla said...

I only have time to comment on one item in your list and I am growing in odd places. I too have started sprouting whisker type hair on my face and since Rainman used my tweezers for some home repair project they just don't pluck my hairs out like they used, now, I have turned into my mother and have started asking my girls to get those pesky hairs. They are grossed out. I can tell. I try to tell them that someday it will be them, but I can tell they don't really believe me!!! BTW, my legs get shaved once a month - or so....poor Rainman!

Jill said...

I guess, in this case, I can be glad I don't have a "Rainman" to worry about since I don't get to shave very often either! I share your pain on losing the tweezers...Becky is always messing with mine and ruining them! ha!