Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Princess and the Frog

My number one,
most favorite thing in the world,
is to be on my deck,
late at night,
or in the wee hours
of the morning,
to listen to the frogs.

Their serenade
never fails to
place a huge smile on my face
as warmth swells my heart.

let me make this point
perfectly clear.
I do not
like frogs.
We have managed to
peacefully co-exist
all of these years.
They go their way
and I go mine.

My daughter has other ideas
No big surprise there
as she is a
teenager, after all.

She  asked me to
document her love
of all things slimy
 last night.
I admit,
it is cute...
as long as it
STAYS right where it is.

Of course,
she has to push the limits
with getting me as close as possible...

while trying not to
freak out.

Thank goodness
for a zoom lens!

I have saved my
favorite shots for the end.
They are her
self portraits
which we call
"My Prince and Me."

hang on...
lost him for a second there...

There he is!

Whad 'up,
my Prince?

Who knows how long
this love will last...
but she was outside
at 6 this morning
looking for him!

Let me assure you,
it was very easy for me
to promise her
that I'd leave him alone today!


texwisgirl said...

ha ha! SO cute!!! i think frogs and toads are adorable!!

Young Adventures... said...

Hehe Jill! I agree with you completely, I'm not much of a critter girl myself. I like to enjoy them from a distance. :)

Valerie said...

I saw a big one in my lillies the other night. I am like you; they are OK to look at, but STAY AWAY FROM ME! Great pictures.

Jackie said...

You are so funny Jill. Love the picture of your sweet daughter with her little friend. If I never see another frogs, I'd be fine with that.

Janice said...

Love your blog and frogs! I never paid any atttention to frogs til I found one in my shirt at work. After that my coworkers at the flower shop have showered my desk with all types of frogs and now I love to photograph them in my yard! But I don't want to touch them! Thanks for following my blog - from your newest follower! Janice

snowwhite said...

Hi, Jill, I would rather watch a tadpole than touch a frog. But the tiny frog is very cute and it's a nice, funny story. I love it.

Jill, recently Blogger has had several problems which are making many users frustrated. I am one of them. Now I can not see your icon in followers and I hope Blogger system will recover soon.

I'm happy to follow your blog. Have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

Cute post!!
I must admit that I've never been afraid of frogs - and I've never had a wart. When my son was in school, I was there one evening for a parent/teacher meeting. One of his little friends came up to me with a frog - intending to scare me - he was so surprised when I said: "oh look at the cute little frog", and took it from him!

Kayla said...

One of my favorite things in Minnesota was to listen to the frogs at up....aaah. I even asked our new owners if they had any frogs that I could listen to here in Georgia. She assured me that they had them. The thing she forgot to tell me is that it is so HOT here in rarely sleep with your windows up. A/C all the time, baby!