Saturday, June 4, 2011


We have waited.
And waited.
And waited.

Today we
have been rewarded.
It's the perfect,
and I mean perfect
summer day.

Gutters are clean.
Weeds have been
Laundry is in process.
Transplanting has
been completed,
grill is clean,
ready and waiting.

I can sum it
up in one word.



Anonymous said...

You decribed this day to a "T". It is absolutely a wonderful day. The grass is cut, the flowers are hanging up, in pots or growing beautifully in the garden. So many pretty birds in the yard and of course, the pesky woodchucks that have tunneled under our metal building are making themselves known. Your pictures are beautiful, especially love the lavender towels. Nothing smells better than laundry that has been line-dried. Great CA-125 was at 33. Praise God! Love, Mona

texwisgirl said...

awesomeness! i love days like that!

snowwhite said...

All what I want to have is the day like this! Nice smell of the sun, flowers in full bloom, nothing happier than this. Great shots. Have a nice weekend!

Valerie said...

I have a geranium just like yours! Beautiful pictures. I am so happy you had a gooooooood day. Love you.

Janie2 said...

Envy your sunshine! I love the idea of your towels hanging on the line. I use to do all of that, even diapers on the line. When you get sun, take it. Nice post, love checking in on what you are up to.

Jackie said...

The pictures are lovely....Love the colors of your bath towels. :)

Lottie said...

What a wonderful post! I LOVE the purple towels hanging on the line! Your blog is pretty neat!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos! Sorry to be late commenting: busy birthday weekend ;)
Once in awhile, we get those perfect days, don't we? Glad it was a good one for you - hoping for lots of those!

Young Adventures... said...

It was the perfect weekend! Stay cool today. :)