Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a Weather Weekend!

Saturday was filled
with a lot of rain.
I'm talking
torrential rain.
Perfect time to get caught up
on chores inside the house.
After shoveling out
my daughters room
and washing all of the bedding,
we elected to go see the new
Pirates of the Caribbean.
Who doesn't love
Johnny Depp?

Wouldn't you know it?
We came out of the movie to beautiful sunshine!
It took us 15 minutes to get home
and by that time...
wait for it...
the rain started up again!
Wasn't too long after that
when we had to seek
shelter on the lower level
as the tornado sirens were raging.

Woke up this morning
to the beautiful smell
that comes with spring rains...
and even a little sun.
It didn't take too long before the sun passed.
Oh well,
we had a birthday party to attend.
It rained the whole time
but we were at the bowling alley
so no worries.
That is, until we
began our trek home.
The skies poured down us
the whole way.

I wasn't going to let
yet another day of rain get me down.
I came home and made a huge
batch of these for the freezer:
I simultaneously
began a small batch of these
at my daughter's insistence.

As long as my kitchen was
trashed messy,
I figured I'd pull out
my bananas from the freezer and make some of this:
Once it was in the oven,
the trouble began.
Wouldn't you know it?
Tornado sirens again.
I stalled going downstairs
as long as I could,
but I finally had to leave
it baking on it's own.
I ran up and managed
to salvage save it
before it was burned.

In the meantime,
I had asked my daughter to
grab my portable radio
and a flashlight
in case the power when out.
Here's what she brought me:
Even though you can't see
the cords,
I'm sure you can
guess they both
run on electricity.
My girl never bores me!

The warnings passed
and the sun came out
so I quickly ran out and harvested this:

The plan was to make
some rhubarb bread or crisp,
also for the freezer,
but we're under a tornado watch
until late tonight.

I think I'll just go read
the newspaper.
It sounds a lot more


texwisgirl said...

whew! you've had a ton of bad weather there! gee, if we get some rain in the forecast here (which we'd like more of) do I have to bake like a mad woman too?! :)

(loved the 'flashlight' and portable radio!)

Valerie said...

This is hilarious because I took 3 bananas out of the freezer to make banana bread too! While it rests for 20 minutes (new recipe from an old cookbook, I thought I would get caught up on your blog. We had a good thundershowers today too. The sky is now a sunny black weird. Take care and take cover.

Jackie said...

I read through your blog with a smile planted on my face. I think it would be FUN to live at your house....seriously !
My hubby and I also saw "pirates" last night, we enjoyed it as well. Rick goes fot he story...I go for "Jack Sparrow" :)
I'm a little jealous of your "susie homemaker" kind of day getting all that baking accomplished, You ROCK Jill and I'm sure your kids appreciate all the goodies mom makes for them. Glad you survived the bad weather, it's been kind of crazay here in Roch too. Blessings, Jackie

Young Adventures... said...

This crazy weather is driving me nuts...ugh!!! You were quite the busy bee this weekend. It all sounds so yummy! Have a great week Jill!

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

oh my goodness! what an "eventful" Saturday! I hope you are OK through the night- I'll pray for you my blog friend-

Anonymous said...

Stay safe. The weather this spring is just too, too scary!