Monday, May 23, 2011

Thank you, Dianna!

I am stunned this morning
as I just found out I was given a blogger
award from
Dianna at:

She has a wonderful blog.
Please visit her site.
You won't be disappointed.
She is a wonderful, supportive
blogging friend.

The first rule of accepting this award is that I link back to Dianna's blog, which I just did. I am also to reveal seven things about myself, and then pass the award on to other new bloggers.

1)  After high school graduation, I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 1 year.
2)  Even though my kids aren't little anymore, I'd love to take them to Disney World.
3)  I need to get back into the work force and I am petrified!
4)  I do not like being hot (as in from the heat. I do not, nor have I ever, nor will I ever be "hot")! 
5)  I love a good campfire.
6)  I hate my hair.
7)  I can not figure out how to do links properly (I guess if you've
visited my blog you already know this but it's cleansing to just admit it
and put it out there for all to see)!
And now, I'd like to pass this award on to the following blogs:


Who Will Make Me Laugh

Adventurez In Child Rearing

Run-A-Round Ranch

Please stop by and check each of these blogs out.
They all offer something different and
all things special.
You might just make a new friend!


Anonymous said...

You're welcome!! I'm so glad we've become blogging friends.
And it's nice to learn 7 things about you that we didn't know.
I'm off to visit your suggested blogs (already a faithful follower of Kandi and Theresa!).

Adriana Iris said...


Kandi said...

Oh, thank you, Jill! What fun. Can't wait to check out the other blogs you recommend...and it looks like you're doing fine with the links to me. :)

texwisgirl said...

oh you are so sweet! (as is Dianna!) thank you very much! (crap, now i have to think of 7 things...)

Jackie said...

Thanks Jill !!! I feel so honored. You are "linking" just fine girl :)

Heidi said...