Wednesday, May 25, 2011


To me,
there is nothing more
then the scent of lilacs.

One whiff
and I am transported back to my
of peaceful, happy spring days,
basking in the sun
and carefree days that only
come with the days of youth.

I cannot pass a
lilac without
stopping to inhale their exotic scent
and picking a bouquet
to bring indoors.
Their scent permeates the air.
Albeit,a short time,
I embrace every moment
the lilac
graces my homestead,
outdoors and in.

Life is good!


texwisgirl said...

we used to pick lilacs for my mother when i was a kid in wisconsin. bless her heart. she was allergic to them and would start wheezing (and we just didn't get it!)

Kandi said...

I ADORE lilacs. The scent is so wonderful, it also reminds me of my childhood. when we moved to this house I was so excited that the sellers had just planted a small lilac bush, along with some other ugly, weedy bushes. J.D. came in from mowing to ask me if I wanted to save any of the bushes and I said, "Yes, the lilac!" Then he told me it was too late, he'd already mowed them all down. What a guy, huh? One of these years I need to get a lilac bush!

I never got back to you on the pampas grass but whenever you are free we are usually around to meet up. If you want any iris, I have a beautiful white one that desperately needs dividing. Maybe we could trade! :)

Anonymous said...

I love lilacs too Jill! We have two bushes in our front yard and they are at the very begining stages, but we can smell them on our front porch. My favorite is that really dark variety.
Rachel from Young Adventures

Jackie said...

They smell yummy enough to eat. Both neighbors on each side of us have them planted in their yards, so I get to benefit from them :)