Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How do You Facebook?

About a year ago, and after much prodding from a friend, I signed onto Facebook.
In the beginning, it seemed easy enough.
But then they changed things.
I got used to those changes and then they changed it again.
And changed it again and again and again.

I think it's been stable for awhile now.
Therefore, I am expecting something to change!
I've gotten too comfortable with it.
I feel like I know what I'm doing,
so I figure it's time "they" threw me another curve ball.

Anyway, after spending about 365 days on Facebook,
I have some questions I'd like to ask.

First off,
to the people that have an excess of 500 friends...
Do you stay in touch with all of those people?
Do you actually communicate with them all on a daily basis?
Is it even possible to keep up with 500 status updates should
each friend post a daily update?
If you can keep up with all of those people,
I admire you...I'm not even sure I know 500 people.

I wonder how people decide whom to request as a friend.
I get a fair amount of requests but then
I never hear from some of them again.
I have to wonder, am I just a number on their totem pole?

How do you decide whom you want to send a friend request?
Is it old high school or college chums?
People from church?
Old daycare people?
The check out lady at the grocery store?
A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend?
The mail carrier?
As I said, I'm just curious!

I've begun weeding people off my friend list.
I am not trying to offend anyone,
I just can't accommodate so much stuff
in this 50 something year old brain of mine.

Do you post a daily update?
I usually don't.
I don't think anyone cares if I'm sneezing today.
Or, that my ankle gave out on me.

Or that my daughter called me a witch.
Or that yet another thing needs fixing around here.
Hmm..maybe I'm just a bore.
And maybe I just prefer to bore my blog followers with it all.

Have you ever "met" a stranger on Facebook?
I hear it happens.  I just can't imagine it.
I think I must be old.
The idea of that kind of freaks me out.

Do you "like" a lot of companies on Facebook?
In the beginning, I did.
But then I had all of those updates,
and well, as I previously mentioned,
I can't keep up with so much stuff.
So I deleted a lot of my "likes" once I realized
I didn't "like" them enough to read about them 219 times a day.

Do you ever just snoop on people?
I will admit, I have. I'm sorry.
But sometimes a picture shows up that intrigues me
and I just have to go look,
and before I know it,
well, I've looked at about 743 pictures of someone I don't even KNOW.
Then I get all embarrassed and a funny feeling comes over me.
Then I sign out
and promise to never do that again.

Oh gosh, I hope I'm not the only one that does that.
I'm not am I?
Alright already!  Don't worry,
I PROMISE to never do it to you!

Sorry, I have to log out now and go check Facebook, err...my email.  Yea, my email.


Anonymous said...

I love FB, but I have all of my privacy controls set so that only my friends see anything. (At least, they're supposed to be set to that. I'd better double-check. You never know with FB.)
I'm very selective about who I accept as a friend. There are some folks that I just don't want knowing about anything I post. And no, I don't post everyday. And I never write anything about a trip we're taking until we're back home. (Duh - it amazes me that some folks will write about being away from home for a week. And then their house gets broken into....??)
Someone in our little town had something like 3,000+ "friends" the last time I checked. I really don't think I know 3,000 people - and certainly not well enough to have them all as FB friends.
Anyway - I didn't mean to write a post in response to your post!
Have a good day -

Kandi said...

Sometimes when I get a friend request I wonder why the person even wants to be friends with me as we never spoke or hung out in high school. I think they're just trying to get the "numbers" higher. It is fun to look at pictures, I will admit...but I agree with you that sometimes the status updates are a big much! :)

Kayla said...

I get requests from people that I am sure never even liked me in school...so I figure they must just be nosy/curious. I will admit I have done the same things - see who someone is married to...how many kids they have, etc. I honestly don't actually post much - but I do comment on other people's posts. Like Rainman says - "Do we really need to know when people are flossing their teeth?" And I am with Dianne - why would you tell people you are going to be out of town and even have a count down of the days until you leave?

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

I both love and hate FB. It can be addicting so that I have to back away. I only post if it's something funny or interesting. So sometimes I have lots of things to say and then sometimes I'll a long time without posting. I only ask people to be my "friend" if they are someone I was friends/had a connection with at some point together. If I have to look a person up in the yearbook to figure out who you are, I don't bother.

AmsB said...

I'm on FB a lot and that's mostly because I get it on my cell phone. I do have lots of updates and that's mostly because my husband's family is out of state so we stay in touch that way. I limit who I'm friends with and most of them are people I interact with in my everyday life. I can see a lot of differences in generations and their Facebooking. The younger you are the more you post! I have my FB locked down and only friends can see anything (I check my settings often!)... If you don't want to see people/companies/likes postings, you can hide them from your wall by clicking the x that appears in the top right of the posting, when you hover your cursor there. I do that for anything or anyone I don't want to see postings for. I'm planning to do a clean up soon of people too. I also will not friend anyone I don't know, like the friend of a friend of a friend. :) .... Oh, and I'm guilty of the vacation count down! BUT there isn't anyone on my list I don't know and my wall is blocked from anyone I'm not friends with :)