Monday, April 4, 2011

What's for Supper?

The other night,
we went out to supper with a friend.
She and I had some mighty
tasty quesadillas.  My daughter was
happy with her meal at the time,
but thinking of those quesadillas made
her request them for supper the next night!

I've never made them before but
found a pretty easy recipe online.
They might look a little
colorless as I excluded
the hot peppers
at my daughter's request.

First up, the pico de gallo:
Chop some peppers (again, I used the milder yellow peppers)
and onions. Add in some cilantro, if desired.
Squeeze  the juice of a couple of limes
over it all.  Set aside.

Brown some chicken,
(I used one chicken breast for the 2 of us)
in some olive oil.

Once nicely browned,
remove chicken and set to the side.

Add a tbs. of olive oil to the pan
and cook some diced onions and peppers
until tender.
Add the chicken back in
and add 1/2 of the pico de gallo.

In a large pan,
brown up a 10" flour tortilla
by flipping in every 10 seconds
until bubbles and browning take place.
Mine got a little dark but the
taste was terrific.

Add some Monetary Jack cheese
and your chicken mixture.

Place the second tortilla on top,
flip the whole works and brown up the other side.

Serve with sour cream,
pico de gallo,
salsa and lettuce.


I'm sorry my colors aren't better.


Kandi said...

Oh, I love quesadillas! I first made them a few years back and was surprised how good they tasted at home...just like the restaurant. I sometimes have problems getting my tortillas perfectly crisp, though. I like 'em really crunchy! :) Thanks for the recipe!

Jackie said...

Looks like "restaurant quality". Yummy :)

Anonymous said...

I would like them, but not Motor Man -- if it ain't plain ol' American cooking - meat & taters, he's not having any part of it!

Valerie said...

And what time is supper tonight? Do you want some ideas from me? We can be there by 7:00. This dinner looks really, really good. I like your pictures.