Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Here!

The dog is going into his
psycho dog routine...
running in circles and barking.

The kitty sits
meowing at the patio door.
In and out a hundred times a day.

Prom will be here,
in 3 more days,
with a high forecasted of 70 degrees.

I ran to the store today,
windows open and my favorite new CD
announcing my presence before I arrive.

Yard work beckons to me,
nothing fancy,
just about a million sticks to be picked up.

The thermometer says 52 degrees.
NOT 25 degrees.
The sun warms my face.

It's true.
It's here!
S P R I N G!


AmberB said...

Yay for Spring! I'm glad they kids can run around outside!

Jackie said...

I welcome spring but miss "my winter" all at the same time.