Monday, March 7, 2011

Stuck in a Time Warp

As some of you know,
my 35th (I have ALMOST come to terms with this)
class reunion is fast approaching.

I had to trek though 18" of snow
today to dig out my
yearbook from 19(cough)76 today.

Two years ago,
I contemplated tossing out all of my yearbooks.
I just could not see the need
in stowing them away any longer.
I could think of no reason to keep them.

I have a really good memory
when it comes to people,
after all.
I just knew I'd always know everyone
from my graduating class
of under 80 graduates.

Then I began getting a few
friends requests on Facebook
from past classmates.
The names sounded fairly
But the faces...
oh the faces!
They could NOT be
people I graduated with!

As previously mentioned,
some have GRAY hair.
I don't!
(well, thanks to Nice and Easy 102, I don't).

Some are world travelers.
Me too.
Last summer,
I went to Zimmerman
AND Isle.
That counts right?

Most are married.
(I kicked mine to the curb a long time ago).
And some have grandchildren.
How can that be?
We're too young!

Most appear to be
happy and successful.
Handsome husbands,
lovely wives,
beautiful children
and glorious grandchildren.

I'm happy for them.
I really am.
I just can't understand how they've
all accomplished so much in
the few years since
we've graduated.

There it is again.
It hasn't been a few years.
It's been 35 years.

I have a headache.
I need to go lie down now.


Kandi said...

Ha! I get Facebook requests and I say to myself, "Well, it looks like you graduated the same year as me...but I have no idea who you are!" So then I dig out my yearbooks to figure it out. I'll never be able to toss mine out. But you should save yours...the kids will love to look through them one day. I always enjoyed looking at my Mom and Dad's. :) said...

laughing because i have to look to see who their "friends" are to make sure i know most people! sometimes i eventually put it together and sometimes ....... not so much! lol- kelli

Kayla said...

Me too! I have to search through their friends sometimes....and then pull out the yearbooks. I am pretty sure Karen tossed hers because they were clutter...we'll see if she responds...and if I am wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

I am one of the faces of the past, and have these great memories of Jill, doing a soft shoe to Bo Jangles. We are grandparents to a special needs child, and some of those world traveler you write about. But The US Navy and US Air Force paid for our travels. Love the blog I will be checking in often

Anonymous said...

Well, sweetie - my 40th reunion is this year!! And I could never throw away my yearbooks. Not that my school years were all that pleasant, but I'm just a pack-rat. I've reconnected with about half of my class on FB (we were a VERY small school)!

BettyJean @ Shabby Tea Party said...

I've never been to any of my class reunions. I was never very close to anyone in my class of just under 50 students. I'm glad those years are behind me. I do occasionally run into someone. Some age better than others. OMG!!! I just realized my 40th!! is next year....I even had to punch it in to the calculator... 40??? How can that be! EEEEkkkk!! I can't even Imagine being a grandparent. Now I think I'm having a panic attack!

Anonymous said...

Betty Jean, I smiled when I read your comment. I wasn't close to any of the girls in my class either (around 25 total in our class). But amazingly.....we've all "grown up", and I find that most of them are really fun people to be around!