Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh Kitty!

I have admitted
previously that I have a kitty.
Alright, he's a cat.
In fact,
he's a big cat.
And I love him.
Even when he drools.
All over.
He's very sloppy.
But I love him.
A bunch.
Like, maybe too much.
I can't help it.
I'm a cat woman.

He's very independent.
Until he wants food.

Then a whole new side comes out.
He chews my shoes.
He'll follow me all over the house.
No place is off limits.
If I'm asleep when he's hungry,
he'll bang on my door until I get up.
He is very smart.
He will annoy you
any way he can until
he gets food.

This has all been pretty
manageable until now.
As I've mentioned before,
I'm now doing a walking
program in the house.
I like to be alone.
I like to get all sweaty.
I don't like to be interrupted.

Cupid has changed all of that.
Here I am trying do my walking.
And here's what I have to deal with:
Sorry about my ugly feet.
But see what I have to go through?
Do NOT let him fool you!
I fed him BEFORE I began to workout.
But we have to play this game!
I try to move and he comes closer.
he starts crying, crying, crying
until I relent.

I hate this cat.
He's such a piece
of garbage.

I can't fool you.
I already told you how
much I love him.
But he can be so


Kandi said...

Until you got to the pictures I thought for a moment you were talking about me. I will annoy you until I get food, too. :) I can see how his blocking your path would get old, but it sure is cute! :)

Young Adventures... said...

Hehe! So funny Jill! What a cute kitty.

Jill said...

Laughed right out loud at that one, Kandi!

Thanks, Rachel. He's a sweet albeit demanding one!

Anonymous said...

Hi, there! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!! Looking forward to reading more of your posts - so far, I like it a lot! Love to read and see pics of kitties. We had to have our sweet kitty put to sleep a year ago last Thanksgiving. Haven't been adopted by another one yet....!

Valerie said...

Good grief! I might me tempted to step on his tail. Just once. To make a point. Keep on walkin' and keep on writin'. said...

oh! he reminds me of our "idggy" - idggy live a long and happy life- he was the meanest cat in town- but he would let my (then toddler) son build his thomas train track right over the top of him - this pic reminded me of that because the cat was laid out just the same... with a train track on top of him and a little boy driving a train over it! we haven't had a cat in years- they just don't come like idggy- he went to the door and went outside to go potty!(yes, like a dog)- kelli