Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Have a Problem

My name is Jill.
I have a problem.

I got a great purse
from my sister.

Here it is:

I adore everything about it.

The shape,
the color,
the pockets.

Then why oh why do I
let it get like this?

No matter what kind of  a purse
I have,
it always ends up a mess like the one above.

I try to pare down what I carry.
Really I do.
But I still can't get all of this...
to look neat and tidy.
I organize...
and re-organize.
And I can never find
what I need
when I need it.

I'm hopeless.

I have lowered
my expectations of myself.
I figure if I can close it,
I'm good!

Is that bad?
Please tell me it's not.


Karen's Ideas Galore said...

My son is reading over my shoulder and he said to tell you that it looks bad. :)

Valerie said...

You inherited this weakness from me. It's terminal. You will never recover. I dump mine out on the floor every now and then and sort through stuff, throw away the garbage and used Kleenex, fill it back up and know that I will be cleaning it out again soon. I like your idea about being happy if you can close it. That will be my new goal. From one bag lady to another, with love.

Kandi said...

Pockets, pockets, pockets...I've learned that I can't have one of those big cavernous purses. I need compartments and zippers, try and keep the clutter contained. At least you can still close it! :)

Jill said...

Karen: I burst out loud when I read what your son said! I hope that's not the only blog of mine he's ever read! =)

Valerie: Thanks for the back up! I needed to hear that!

Kandi: I used to love pockets too...but then I realized I was terrible at putting things back in the right pockets! See? I'm hopeless! ha!