Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Real Heroes

Yesterday, a blogging friend,
Elizabeth at
wrote an entry
about Heroes
and what the word means in this day and age.
It's a word that is too often used,
in my humble opinion.
I, however, work with many real Heroes.
Today, I'd like to share one of them.
I think we could all agree
that there are many types of bullying.  Most common are name calling, teasing, physically abuse,
the list goes on and on.
One form that isn't often talked about is the "set up."
You know, where a group of teens "sets up" the younger,
or more vulnerable student to break the rules?
In my line of work, this is very common.
The Special Needs students are often subjected to this rather
"subtle" form of bullying.  Often at the lunch table or on the bus.
It's happened to my own kids, more time than I can count.
And while I work at a wonderful school that doesn't tolerate
bullying of any sort,
it's often harder to monitor this type as it is often quiet and can easily go unnoticed.
one day, it was noticed.
Staff intervened immediately and the "suspects" were questioned as a group.
These students were males and ranged
from a 9th grader to several 10th-12th graders.
The teacher was met with a chorus of denials until
the youngest
of them all,
stood up
and announced
"They are lying."
"We were setting the student up
in an inappropriate way."

A man had risen
above the others.
Accepting responsibility for his part
as well as the others.
He set aside his fears of being
ousted from "the group" and stood
up for what was right.

This is what a Hero is to me.
He can be an example to us all.
Young and old alike.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love this - yes this is a hero. I think sometimes we lose sight of the heroes all around us...those that set an example like he did.

Debbie said...

that takes a lot of courage...what a special moment!!

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

That is definitely a brave young man. Good for him!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

The bullying starts place so young too. I'm upset over an incident I saw recently where some boys were mean to a four year old who had some obvious developmental delays. All the kids in question were preschool age :-(

Paula said...

Good for that hero.

Terri Buster said...

What a character building act for him! My grandson is being bullied and we don't know what to do about it. Kids today are so cruel.

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

thank you for the mention of me & my blog on your blog today. you are super sweet to do that. big big hugs.

happy to hear you have some many great folks you work with & are around daily ... truly blessed you are... that does not happen often these days. enjoy!! ( :

Saun said...

Kudos for the boy who stood up and told the truth . : )

Lynne said...

I have missed your wisdom . . . and then . . .
there it is, no visuals . . .

Jeanne said...

Well said sister! We are on the same page.

Marie said...

Wow. Such bravery. Thanks for sharing.

Betty Manousos said...

wow, what a brave boy!
thanks for sharing.

happy friday~

EG CameraGirl said...

I wish there were more people like the hero in your story, Jill. Thanks for sharing that story, truly inspiring...at least to me.

Bee Lady said...

I agree....the word is thrown around too much. Or maybe we just have a need in this day for more heroes. God bless that young man that stood up for the underdog.

Cindy Bee

Catherine said...

Dear Jill, It breaks my heart that so many do not see the wrong or the hurt they are causing. I wonder why they do not feel any pain in what is being inflicted upon a fellow human being.

I think the culture is becoming desensitized in so many ways.

Good for this young man to do the honorable thing.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving dear to you and your family.

Blessings. Catherine xo

Susan said...
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Susan said...

Yes, indeed Jill - that boy is a true hero and will grow to be such a considerate person. Thank goodness he took that moment to do the right thing. He is a truly worthy young man.
Your post struck a chord.
I do hope you and your beautiful family are getting along fine Jill. I will catch up on your other posts soon. Cheerio for now :D)xx