Monday, March 28, 2011

Coffee, Tea or Memories?

Today is beautiful and sunny.
It brings back memories of
the coffee parties my Mom used to have.

I can remember eyeing all of her
fancy cups and saucers
and selecting my favorites,
dreaming of my own
coffee parties
somewhere in my future.

I like to recall
the smells of
whatever she would be baking
for the occasion.
The ladies all arriving
and gathering around the table.
Each sharing tales of family,
growing children
and some politics thrown in
for good measure.

Many times,
knitting or crocheting
patterns would be
swapped across the table.
Some days,
the knitting or crocheting
would even take place
as they sipped their coffee
and nibbled on the treats.

Those were wonderful days
that I long for again.
I don't have all of
those pretty cups and saucers,
but I do have this pretty little set.

It always makes me
think of spring,
my Mom
and my Grandma.

You'll notice a few
odd pieces mixed in...
they are from my
mother in law.
I like to keep them together,
as I loved these women so much.

I don't drink coffee or tea.
Yet, on this sunny spring day,
I'd love to make a pot
or two for you.
Care to join me?


Kayla said...

I would love to join you! Why don't you drink coffee or tea?

Young Adventures... said...

You can count me in. Lovely dishes Jill. The memories make them all the more special.

Kandi said...

I love that your Mom had coffee parties with her friends...I wish I was like that! Those dishes are lovely, too...lets have a party...You can sip hot water with lemon while I drink coffee! Not so sure about the knitting, though! :)

Jackie said...

I remember those morning coffee's at our house. All the mom's came and with them all the kids. Oh those were the days. said...

wish i could join! well, i'll just have a cup in florida at the same time & blog comment ya! lol- i have a mixture of cups and saucers too- i think i may just make my boys have a "tea party" with mama- it will go over better if i make hot chocolate and let them pretend it's coffeed! :)

Anonymous said...

Since I don't drink coffee or hot tea, could I have Diet Coke in my cup, please? :)

Loved reading your memories of your Mom's coffee parties. We lived WAY out in the country, so no coffee parties at our house!

Karen's Ideas Galore said...

Tonight is catch-up night (oops, I'm skipping choir)...This post reminds me of when my mom had "card club". She would have POP and wonderful snacks, which were really a TREAT back in the day! We'd giggle and eavesdrop from the top of our stairs (since we weren't allowed down there). It seemed like lots of fun! OK, side note, that made me think of their "Come as you are" parties. They'd show up one morning at a friends house to heist them away for coffee. They had to leave wearing their PJ's/curlers or whatever. Did women used to be more fun?!?