Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Please Enter the Following

Something strange has been
going on...
and it is only getting worse.

if you recall,
I confessed my dire
need for reading glasses,
a part of aging I gallantly
fought against kicking and screaming the whole way.
You can catch up on that
post at http://chillinwithjill.blogspot.com/2011/01/for-shape-im-in.html
Hmmm...I know that shouldn't look like that
but I can't figure out how to make
it all nice and pretty.  So sorry!

Anyway, I digress.
Of late,
it seems that a lot of the items
I purchase have a code on them.
It is a quick and easy (?)
way for the manufactures
to get you to their websites
in hopes of  winning something,
or better yet,
getting something for free.

Even with my glasses on,
I have a hard time
discerning those computer generated
letters and numbers.
I recently collected 20 codes
from one company to obtain a "free"
lunch bag that my dear daughter just had to have.
By the time I got them correctly entered,
 those 20 codes calculated to about
1, 582,679 digits.
Now I just have to wait
for 6-8 weeks for a lunch
bag that I could probably have purchased at
Walmart for a mere $2.99.
It sure would have been quicker.
But Hey!  I get it for "FREE!"

On to my second
issue with digits
and no, I am not talking
about some guys cell phone number.
I'm talking about all of the
verifications one must
complete to post things on certain
computer sites.

It's bad enough that
most of them are made up
I get it.
It's a safety thing.
But then they have
to add all of these
swirly, twirly
fonts in there so I can't
even make out the
pretend "word."
I can assure you,
for every one I enter correctly,
there are at least 531
that I enter incorrectly.

Maybe it's just me.
But if any of you can
enter the following code in correctly
within 10 seconds,
you'll win a fabulous prize
on me.
89722fsf;lmvkdeyulek,;v ,cbfmhiLKMKFIUEFOM 894t94d54
sdvvlkjdroifgarpaorwI9u*7t#*i&u#$R3OIY3IR3irpoi3HrfiksMSKmdkvniueFUEFS<MFM SDNG IUERTUGIASMD  IImiokfiuehrolrfke fpVf:d<VDLKB NDRJDTGESOR;S;K FXB rA

Winners will be announced someday.
Good Luck and Good Night!


Anonymous said...

Funny, funny post!!
Those pretend word codes on blogs aren't fun, some are downright impossible to decipher.

Guess they keep us "safe"!

Have a good day!

Kandi said...

I'm with you, Jill. I get frustrated with those codes - I think they're called "captcha's". You'll have to take a picture of the lunch bag when it comes! :)

Karen's Ideas Galore said...

I'm checking to see if I have to enter words to comment on your blog... :-)

Karen's Ideas Galore said...

Super duper, not any more!