Wednesday, December 15, 2010

White Christmas

This is going to be my kind of Christmas.
Old Man Winter has graced us with a beautiful landscape of white.
I know many of you don't care for the snow.
Or would rather enjoy it for Christmas Day and then be happy to see it go.

As I've mentioned before,
White Christmas is a favorite song of mine.
So is the movie.
When they open those barn doors to the snow
and the ladies wearing their little Santa outfits,
cherry red with pure white fur,
it just takes my breath away.
Each and every time.

Back when I was a child,
we always had a snow white Christmas.
There was never any doubt.
It gave us kids lots of time to build our snow people
and have our snowball fights.
Once we were a little older,
our thrills came via the snowmobiles.
We'd ride for miles and miles and miles.  

I agree, it can be a little more work for all of us.
In fact, for the first time ever,
I have to try to "tune up" my lawn tractor.
This will be a really big challenge for me.
But it's worth it.

Snow is magical.
It's soft, powdery and glittery.
It's a way for our earth to be clean and pure.
It erases what's left of summer...
barren yards and muddy trails.

I remember several years ago,
it was sunny with no snow on the ground!
I was so crabby I couldn't stand myself!
I never want to experience that again.
I could never live where it's balmy for Christmas.

To me, snow is like the smell of
cinnamon coming from the kitchen.
Or the smell of pine radiating from the tree.
It's the sign that family will soon be here.
Maybe we'll even get snowed in together.
That would be wonderful.

So on this 9th day of Christmas,
I wish for you a White Christmas and
the heart of a child to enjoy it all!

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