Monday, July 2, 2012

A Whole Lotta Randomness

Is that even a word?

I've had a lot on my mind.
I'll toss in some more current
things blooming here
as I know I run the risk of boring you to tears.


I seem to have issues with phones.
Land lines, cell phones,
it doesn't matter.

Today, it's cell phones.
I find myself highly irritated with them.
I tire of trying to get around shoppers
that are chatting on their phones while shopping.
Or when someone comes to visit
and they spend most of their time on their phone
chatting with someone else.
In both cases, I'd like to ask
them why they didn't just stay at home
to make their calls and then go about their shopping
or visiting.
You know, like we did in the "olden" days,
before cell phones?
But I don't.
My mother raised me better than that.
So I'm dumping my irritation on you.
Forgive me.

Another pretty Cosmos

I'm frustrated.
I paid about $300 to purchase
a new hard drive and for someone
to do the repair work on my computer.
My computer still runs slower then molasses on a sub 0 winter day...
amid other problems.
Yes, I know, I need to take it back in.
But that seems to bother me too!
Plus, I'm helping the girl learn about her new I Pad 
that she purchased.
Technology overwhelms me.

I learned something this week.
If you want to stay hydrated, drink ice cold water.
If you want to feel full,
drink warm water.
Knowledge you might not have learned
had you not visited me today!

I was almost out of firewood until my brother came.
Yeah, brother!
Wanna come over for wine and s'mores?

I hate sugar.
I really do love it.
But I hate it.
Having pretty much eliminated the nasty stuff for 6 months,
I fell off the wagon a week ago.
I swear it should be classified as a drug.
Once I have it, I want more, more, more!
I'm kicking the habit again.
Not to make lite of those with a substance abuse problem,
but it like going through with drawl for me.
I WILL conquer it!
Nasty, evil stuff!

A dear friend gave me this plaque.
The timing couldn't be better.
I'm joining the fairies and getting myself a new attitude today!


Gloria Hood said...

WHat beautiful photos! I am understanding you completly today girl!!!!

TexWisGirl said...

sugar is a drug. :)

good luck w/ the computer. bummer.

and i use 'randomocity'. another of my made-up words.

Lottie said...

Jill, I know what you mean about cell phones. I have had people visiting me and answer their cell phones to engage in a 30 min. conversation with the caller. It is just plain rude!

Hope you have a good day today!

Donna said...

Love the photos! Pretty plaque!!
Click on: Download from Piriform
Download it
Then when you run it, just click on REGISTRY!!!
Run scan

I Love it! Keeps the computer "brain" running fast. Many people never bother to clean their registry because they don't Know to do it! Keeps your computer from crashing.

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

You really are frustrated aren't you? Wow. I am so glad I do not live near or with you. I get upset at people on the phone while at a store as well, especially when ordering at the deli's, they call their number atleast 3 times and then when the next person begins to order they say, you skipped my number. You just want to grab them by the neck and rings it. OK, your frustration is rubbing off on me. LOL.
Love the plaque with the fairies. I think I will invite myself over to join you.
Hope you are able to resolve the problem with the computer. Try and have a better day.

Nancy Claeys said...

Hey, I'm with you on the cell phone/computer thing. My blackberry has started clocking again, which means I can't received any calls while it's "updating." Updating what?

And my computer was uber slow this weekend, but seems to be better now.

Julie Marie said...

Hi Jill... I sooo agree with you about the people on cell phones but you are nicer than me... I will say something to them... especially if they are holding me up in a store... I was hit in my car my a woman talking on her cell phone, and even after she hit me, she kept talking on it!!! A passerby witnessed the accident and offered to call the police... believe me, I ripped the woman who hit me a new one!... I drink water ALL day long because of my darn kidney stones, warm, cold, whatever... but then I love water so that's ok... your new fairy plaque is ADORABLE!!! and your flowers are beautiful... are you going to dry some of your pretty Yarrow?... hang in there...we all need to vent some days... xoxo Julie Marie

Fiona said...

Love the logs
love the plaque
love the flowers
love the little photo at the side of your blog against word verification!!!

loved reading your post.

Happy Monday


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Yes, sugar is a drug. I am trying to get off Diet Pepsi. It is a drug too, at least in my world.

Ugh, I wish you lived closer - I'd get my computer guy to look at it for you.

Beth said...

I hope you get your computer fixed soon. I hate it when mine isn't working properly.

Donna said...

Thank you, dear Jill, for sharing so many beautiful photos with us today. I love your Cosmos, but your Yarrow is gorgeous, too!

My husband, normally cool and collected, just about looses it, as do I, I must admit, when people are constantly on the darn phone. While I DO NOT believe the government should make laws so we can't do something, why is it so many people don't understand the stupidity of talking or TEXTING in the car??? What is that important? Important enough to take someone elses life??? And, in the store, on a cell, in the middle of the isle, and then when we say, "excuse me, please ~" they look at us with stink eye for interrupting them! Get a life, for heavens sake! I've told people visiting, put that thing away or loose it - raising one eyebrow means do it or loose it! I agree with you, my friend.

OK, off my soap box!

Jill, have a marvelous new week - wish you lots of fairy dusting!!

he he he

Madi and Mom said...

Oh my goodness did you hit the nail on the head today with the cell phone issue. It drives us completely bonkers. Recently there was an article in our paper (written by a cell phone freak) stating his 1st amendment right to freedom of speech, yada yada yada and he intends to use it whenever he pleases. Fine I get that but why in the name of all things sane would you want the entire world to know your 'business'? We should not listen you say? Well you should not talk so loud, in the book store, grocery store, bath room stall (yes I hear those conversations way to often), and dag gone it stay off your phone when you are driving because you are violating my right to safety.
Ok I feel better...stepping off my soap box.

Ellie said...

Cell phoned are the bane of my life. I'm a doctor's receptionist and it really annoys me when somebody comes to the desk and I've got to wait until they have finished their call. Aaaargh.
So totally know where you are coming from.
Hope your computer gets fixed soon.
Sugar - I feel your pain. Stick with it girl we will get there. :))
Love your plague

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Some days the technology I love is the thing I hate the most...especially when it isn't working how I expect
Def feel your pain sweetie

Susan said...

Technology is a double edged sword isn't it! I understand your frustration! Say hi to the fairies for me!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about that technology stuff. Between looking things up on the computer and my son, I muddle through most of it.
Love the yarrow! I have the same color.

Rohrerbot said...

Cool fairie plaque!!!! I love it. It's such a pain sometimes, isn't it? It could be worse:) You could be teaching summer school right now:) I'm physically exhausted. Love the logs for a fire and absolutely love the idea of wine right now. The little irritations of life can be a pain:) It'll get better:) Sugar is addicting!:)

EG CameraGirl said...

I hope sharing your frustrations helped you clear your mind a bit, Jill. I totally agree with you about people and their cell phones. AND if I had paid $300 to have my hard drive fixed only to find out it isn't. I'd be pretty bothered too. Isn't it great you have such a great brother, though. That warms my heart!

Buttons said...

Oh Jill magnificent photos and you need a hug. {HUG} B

Rebecca said...

I hate cell phones. I hate them. They always seem to be #1 with anyone and everyone and it doesn't matter what's going on the 'call' takes the priority in most situations.

I remember being on a date with my hubby and having to call home to check on the kids. Now when we ago out we feel the need to strap those bad boys on our hips because SOMEONE MIGHT need to tell us something.

I liked the old ways better.

Love to you~Rebecca

Debbie said...

i'm right there with you jill!! all this technology and things seem to take longer. everything seems harder.

but then i think about my wonderful friends, in far off places.....that wouldn't be my friend if not for technology!!

this was a great entry...i am sending you a big ole' jersey hug. let me know if you need another!!

Chatty Crone said...

What a sweet gift. And a sweet brother. And did you say you hate sugar? And don't get me started on cell phones everywhere.... sandie

Paula said...

I agree about the cell phones. I might add a pet peeve of mine. People who invite you over and then turn the TV on. For pete sakes I thought we were invited over to visit. I can watch TV at home. Your flowers are sooo beautiful.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Beautiful photos! I'm there with you about the cell phones while people are shopping. For me, if you call me on my cell phone while I'm out, it's always a brief, quick phone call. AND thanks for the tip on the water. Hope your computer gets fixed.