Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Steps Forward....Revisited

Dear Reader(s):

After my blog entry last week entitled "Two Steps Forward",
I am compelled to offer you all an apology!
Days like the ones I described, are quite often, the norm for me.
I view them with humor and was hoping I had indicated that in my writing.

Apparently, I wasn't as witty as I could have been.
I thank you all for your concern and well wishes
and I assure you, I am OK, albeit it, a little tired again today,
as it was, once again, and thankfully, a rather productive weekend.

I am happy to report that the trim that I showed you is now
securely in place where it belongs.
I have touched up the paint where my shower rod pulled it away from the wall.
The hardware in the photo, sits in a safe place, waiting patiently
for the day I am able to find where it goes!

Who would have thought we, here in Minnesota, would be
celebrating summer during the second week of October?
Hence, my activities took me out to complete some
fall yard work.

I sawed off some tree limbs that needed removing
while Becky hauled them to the brush pile.
Solar lights were all put to bed in the recesses of the shed.
Becky returned to the house while I blew leaves,
mowed leaves and blew leaves again.
The front gutters are once again free of debris (and wasps)!

I was stopped (only) once on my lawn tractor as Becky beckoned me from the deck.
It always amazes me how that girl can yell so I can hear her
over the "roar" of my mower.
Most times, it's for some mundane reason.
This time proved differently.
This time, she informed me that she accidentally broke
the light fixture on her ceiling in her bedroom.
No, I don't know how she did it but she did.
Thankfully, she cleaned it up herself with no major nicks or cuts to her person.

So once again, my friend, this is the life of a not so talented,
single, women of her 50's.  This time though, I made six steps forward and only
one step back. 

Life IS good!


Valerie Godsey said...

You are too, too funny. I remember having to explain to Mom that I broke the light in the living room by throwing a pillow at a spider on the ceiling. Becky's problem is hereditary.

Love, Valerie

Kayla said...

I don't know where you get off referring to yourself as "not so talented"!!!! You are, indeed, very talented my friend!

I want to know if you even asked Becky how she broke it?

Jill said...

Val: You made me laugh! Thanks!

Kayla: You're too kind! I *think* Becky broke it while making her bed. You know how it's so fun (?) to just whip your bedspread as high as you can? ha!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how a beautiful weekend and amazing temps can take away some of the stress of everyday life! We don't even understand why things which seemed so terrible last week even surfaced! It doesn't stop things which we have no control over but it is great to have that calming feeling and know we can share a story knowing others have experienced something similar! Have a Great week Jill and take sometime for yourself (you are too productive,he,he)! REALLY