Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A simple, seven letter word.
2 vowels, 4 consonants and one, sometimes vowel and sometimes consonant.
Seems innocent enough.

After all,
a dog is a man's best friend and
known for it's loyalty to it's human counterpart, right?

And don't we all have brands that we're loyal to?
My Mom always used Tide detergent.
A friend will only use a name brand butter.
My grandmother always used a certain pen and tablet.
Others remain loyal to a certain restaurant, store or TV show.
Retailers rely on us to be loyal.

Hopefully, most of us have loyal family and friends.

The questions I have are  these: "Can loyalty go to far?
Is it possible for one to be "loyal to a fault?"
Is it sometimes common to hurt due to being loyal?

Let me further investigate some of these questions.

If your favorite brand of cereal increases it's price by 75%,
does it make sense to remain loyal to that brand?
If that pooch turns and bites you one day,
should you remain committed to it?
Is it OK to self sacrifice yourself in being loyal to another human being?
How about remaining loyal to a set of ideals?
Does this cause us to be too distanced from others?

Dear Reader(s),
I'd love to hear your thoughts on loyalty.
Is it something you think about?
Is it something you strive to demonstrate in your life?
Do you admire those that remain loyal to you
or question why they do?
How far are you willing to go to be loyal?
Or doesn't it matter to you?

And in closing, let me thank my loyal readers.
I will always be loyally grateful to you all!


Valerie Godsey said...

You are a deep-thinking sister! You are fiercely loyal to your children and your siblings. Thank you for that. I know I can always count on you. Yes, I like loyalty from friends and family and it hurts when I see loyalty in friends waning. But to be honest I don't contemplate loyalty very often. I am thankful that most of the people in my life have been loyal for years. Mom always said you were a tiger when it came to your kids. I think you are a tiger to anyone or anything you hold important. That's a good quality to have.

Love, Valerie

Heidi said...

Does loyalty cause us to turn the other cheek instead of taking a stand and doing whats right at times?!!

Jill said...

Good question. I guess it depends on to whom or what we are being loyal to. Hopefully, our loyalty is placed in the proper places or with the right people.

Jill said...

Thanks for reminding me of Mom's words. I needed to hear them (especially these) today.