Friday, September 3, 2010

Moving Forward

It's that time of year again.
The weather this morning has made it abundantly clear.
It's obvious in the stores too.
Parents and children with their shopping lists.
Glue sticks, crayons, water colors, markers, pencils, erasers, clothing.
The list goes on and on.

You might be sending your little one off to their first day of Kindergarten.
Or packing the car to send a child off to college.
Either one will cause fears.
Both will cause some tears.
Significant times of our lives,
shared with our children.

I have a Junior this year.  My last one at home.
To some it may seem another year tossed in the mix of twelve.
To me, it causes me to jump ahead a year.
To mentally prepare for graduation.
Something I do not feel emotionally ready to handle.
Perhaps that is what the Junior year is all about...
giving parents time to adjust to the changes about to be forced upon them.

I hope that's the case.
I've always been a caregiver.
Having been married, having two special needs children,
a mom that was a widow for years and later
lived with me while dying can do that to a person.

I know.  My kids will always need me.
It's not the same though.
I have to do my job and help them be as independent as they can be.
A chapter every parent has to contend with.
I just hope I'm strong enough.

Fortunately, God has a plan.
Beginning next Thursday,
 I'll have the honor of taking care of a 6 month old.
I'm going to relish Becky's Junior year and not think too far ahead.
I'm going to hug and kiss that baby like no one's business.

To all of the parents saying goodbye to their children,
be it for a few hours or a few months,
Enjoy the moments you have together.
The memories you've made.
The foundation you've laid.
And pray.

That's what I'm going to do.

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