Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It has really happened.
Becky is off for her first day as a Junior.
The house is so quiet.
The TV is off.
The boom box is unplugged.
No one is begging me to put music on their IPOD.
It's just the cat, dog and me.
And the rain.

The dreary, gray skies add to my melancholy today.
The whipping winds prevent me from yard work.
There won't be any mowing...
or putting flower beds to sleep for winter.

I'll do my work at church this morning,
and find myself wondering  what to do this afternoon.
Of course, there are plenty of choices,
but alas, none sound as fun as
summer dips in the water,
or camping under the moon and stars.

It seems fall has arrived...
much too quickly this year.
Time to get on board
and welcome the new season with open arms.
Good bye to a whimsical summer,
Hello to what I hope is an amazing Autumn.


Kandi said...

I ran in to Becky at the grocery store this morning! She was so sweet and looked very pretty in her blue top. Hope she has a great first day as a Junior!

Jill said...

That is so awesome, Kandi! It's her first day of work too. I'm so glad she saw your friendly face! :) (It's killing me to stay away from the store this morning)

Anonymous said...

Jill: What is this about Becky? I know this is her first day of school but she is also working? I still find it hard to belief our little Becky is a Junior in high school!

Jill said...

Yes! Becky has her first job at County Market in St. Francis! She's very excited and very proud! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm so excited for Becky! I just can't believe how fast she's growing up.. *sniff* sniff*
Love Julie

Valerie Godsey said...

You captured this time in a Mom's life beautifully. The first year we entered the empty nest I was shopping and saw all the moms and kids buying school supplies. I stood right in the middle of the aisle and had a good cry. I survived. You will too. Love, Valerie