Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Autumnal Observations

Fall is definitely in the air.
I love the cool, crisp mornings that nip at your nose.
My toes tell me it's time to put the flip flops away,
but my summer heart refuses to let go just yet.

Sunday, Becky and I set forth on our first apple run of the year.
We have a favorite little orchard perched on a hill,
between Lindstrom, MN.  and Taylor's Falls, WI.
The apples call to us each and every fall.

It's always a sentimental journey.
For many years, we made the trek with my Mom.
On special trips, additional family members joined us.
Not surprisingly, the kids love the animals.
They offer  a few hungry goats, some fluffy chickens and bunnies I can
hardly keep my hands off of.
Everyone bought pecks of apples, caramel apples,
and often, cute little items from their charming selection of fall themed goodies.
And every so often, a few...or maybe even all of us... would splurge
and get their frozen apples pies to enjoy during the cold winter months.
Their apple pies are the best!

The first two seasons we went,
we taste tested and fell in love with Esteval apples.
They are sweet, juicy and crunchy.  A delightful apple to eat while awaiting
the later arrival of the ever famous, Honeycrisp.
Unfortunately, we've rarely had them since as they are an early apple
which usually sells out immediately. 
We were optimistic we were plenty early to nab them this time!
Sadly, we were a day late.
It was a small crop this year that sold out the day before we were there.

While my heart sank a little,
I knew this orchard had never disappointed us in the past.
It held to it's reputation this year as it offered a new apple.
They are called Zestar and they are wonderful!
Not quite as sweet or juicy as the Estaval but they are delicious!
When we are being naughty, we get a tub...
or two,
of their dipping caramel.
  Ooey, gooey, party in my mouth!
It's the best caramel we've ever had.

As you can see, it's Wednesday and we only have 5 apples left.
Sounds like this weekend is going to be a perfect time to go get some more.
We'll be there.
We love the taste of fall!

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