Monday, September 13, 2010

The Time Has Come

A few flowers remained.
Their faces stood proudly, facing the sun.
But it was time.
A sad, melancholy time to say goodbye to one of my favorite
summer pleasures.
My flowers.
With pruners in hand, I set to work.
I cut and pulled.
And bid my friends adieu.
Everything looks so barren.
Thankfully, I am left with my pampas grass.
I am often entertained by the ballet it performs
as it gently sways in the final breezes of summer.
It is joined by the leaves twirling down to greet the grass.
A choral of songbirds seem to be singing farewell  to summer and
hello to autumn.

Ahh summer, I enjoyed you so.
I'll look forward to seeing you again...
 next year.


Kandi said...

I love pampas grass! I just passed by some the other day and thought, "I need to get some of that!"

It is a sad day, isn't it? I haven't gotten the shears out yet, but I know it will be soon. :(

Kayla said...

See now down here - everyone says it is fall - but it is still like 90 degrees during the day. I will admit the nights have been cooler and less humid - but the days still feel like summer to me!

Valerie Godsey said...

No! No! Not yet! You can't cut the flowers down this soon. I refuse to get rid of mine (if they still look nice) until it freezes. I will cut the last bouquet of the yellow flowers from you (I can't remember their name right now) for the coffee party on Monday. My geraniums, tuburous begonia (I took a picture of it) and impatiens are still pretty. Thanks for including pictures of the flowers and your beds. Love you, Valerie