Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day Around the Yard


I love to mow my yard.  Especially after it has rained.  Yes, I know, you're not supposed to mow when the ground is wet.  However, if I don't, I look just like Pig -Pen from Charlie Brown.
I kid you not.  You see, my yard is almost all sand.  So if I wait for the ground to dry out before I mow, I travel the yard on my John Deere as one giant dust ball.  I have sand on every orifice of my body.  Disgusting!  Therefore, I'm a rule breaker and mow when it's damp!
The other day I asked myself why I enjoy mowing so much, well, in addition to using my Dear John Deere as a therapist, and I decided it's because of the views I take in while I ride.  I love to take pictures of flowers and  such.  It especially thrills me after a rain (there is a chronic theme of rain here isn't there?  It's because I love water... to drink, as rainfall, as an ocean or a lake, and of course, a babbling brook!  I just love water!
I thought I'd share a day of mowing with you...

Isn't this the sweetest flower?  It's the first blossoms on my sweet pea.

I adore Gerber Daisies.

See the raindrops on my Canterbury Bells?

Brilliant Sweet William.

A lovely branch from one of my many pines.
Another rain drop!

A bud on my wild rose.

Hey!  What are you doing on here?  You're not a flower!
Meet Cupid.  He's always in the way...but we love him.

Oh well, a friend gave me a couple of raspberry plants so I've got to go get them planted. 
I hope you enjoyed the ride!

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