Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Magic of the Night

The night time is my time.
The television switch is turned to off.
The telephone sits quietly in it's cradle.
One lone light shines it's glimmer inside.
Deep breaths come  from my daughters room.
The dog and cat are fast asleep.
And I escape.  No, not far, only to the deck.
But what transpires there takes me far far away, if only in my imagination.
The magic begins immediately, even before I'm seated on my chair.
On still nights, I can hear the faintest, sweetest tones from the wind chime.
The best song comes from the ponds that lie in the farmers field adjacent to my property.
It usually begins with a faint solo and soon erupts into a chorus of frogs singing their nightly songs.  It's as if they are singing just for me.  I'm all alone with my thoughts and I can't help but smile.  Sometimes, I close my eyes and let them carry me through the air on their gentle notes.
Last night, I was glad I kept my eyes open.  A small flash sparked in the corner of my eye.  As I do every summer, I thought I was seeing things.  But there it was again, near the pine trees.  Could it be?  I remained still and quiet as the fireflies lit up the backyard in their fanciful dance that always makes me ask if they are playing hide and seek with each other.  They seem to race between the great pines, jutting up high then down low.  They circle the trunks of the trees and  flutter by as I sit in awe.
This is magic.  God's magic.  No matter what the day dealt me, all I have to do is walk onto my deck in the moonlight or the complete darkness.  All I have to do is listen and see without all of the distractions of the summer days and I know that all will be well.
I'm alone, yet surrounded by HIS gifts.
I hope you can find the magic too.  It's not just for kids.

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Anonymous said...

just the other nite i was telling my neighbor how i miss the little kids chasing the lightning bugs! after reading your blog today, tonite, i shall sit outside when the sun goes down for another nite and enjoy the sights and sounds of summer:) thanks for the reminder of the beauty all around us!