Saturday, June 5, 2010


"The Harder the Life the Sweeter the Song" is a line from one of my new favorite movies, Crazy Heart.  It seem so appropriate that I watched this last night, of all nights.  It has been exactly that type of a weekend...a harder part of life.

First, my sister was, once again, admitted to ER for severe leg and back pains very early Friday morning.  Along with that, I was called Friday night by my (ex) sister in law to tell me that my (ex) mother in law has been placed into an assisted living facility.  During that phone conversation, my sister in law updated me on her bouts of chemotherapy as well as the health of her husband which has been handing by a thread for the past year.  Four people I care deeply about were all struggling with health issues of their own and of each other.  My brother in law steadfastly  holds my sister up in his loving strength.  My brother in law and sister in law willingly and unselfishly care for my mother in law as she ages (90) and they fight their own health challenges.

The word that immediately comes to mind is "fragility" or as my sister always says to me "frajillity."  Fragility seems to me, to be the essence of life.  It's so much like watching a flower come in to its own bloom.  We begin with a seed, often times, a hard shell.  We nurture it with water, sun and love and await the day until the delicate buds raise their heads to the skies.  Ever so slowly, the bud creeps open into it's brightest and fullest graceful form.  I love to watch my flowers weather a good thunderstorm.  Each time, I'm sure they will be beaten down but they always rise again, prouder and more beautiful than before.  Just like my family.  I admire their strength courage and grace under fire.  I can learn so much from all of them.

I'm reminded of a line from a  song in Crazy Heart.  It goes something like this:
"When I'm fallin' it feels like I'm flyin'....for a little while."
That's life.
To all of you that I love,
May God hold you in the palm of his hands, today and always.

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