Saturday, March 16, 2013

Confessions of a Confused Woman

Boy, I Must Be Getting Old.

It's time for me to fess up on a few things.
Right here.
Right now.

1)  I just don't get Twitter. 
From what I understand, someone sits at their computer and sends
out a Tweet.  I think a Tweet is just a random thought.  And then,
like, 1000's of people go to their computer to read the Tweets.
I mean, if you have fun doing it, keep on keepin' on.
I just don't get it.
I felt the need to come clean about it.

2)  I don't get Instagram either.
Please don't hate me.
Isn't it like Twitter except
it's a photograph?
What am I missing?
And again,
if you enjoy it, WooHoo!

3)  Now, here's one related to Blogger.
I hear Blogger Reader (?) is going away.
Since I am a blogger,
I think I should get this one.
But I don't.
Am I going to lose all of the people
I follow?
Or lose my blog...again?
Even after I tethered and leashed it?
Hmmm...maybe I should just retire or something.

4)  And speaking of Blogger,
I can't edit my backgrounds. 
Sure is frustrating but
I can live with it!

5)  And another thing,
who decided there should be
24 bottles or cans to a case?
And why?

6)  While I'm on the topic,
who decided toilet paper should come
in a pack of 8?
how did they come up with that number?

OK, I have lots more questions
but I will quit now.
Do I have you thinking now?  ;)


Evi @ sexta-feira said...

All this social networking is killing me too. I don't even have a facebook page. I always love the look on people's faces when I tell them that. Enjoy the weekend! :)

TexWisGirl said...

i only blog. i don't tweet, face or pin. :)

as for google reader going away, if you read blogs from your blog dashboard or via email or from 'favorites' or whatever, you shouldn't be affected. i used google reader for all of my blog follows and subscriptions, but jumped over to feedly as soon as google said they were shutting down.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I have a twitter account, but don't use it. I'm socially challenged.

Blessed Serendipity said...

Then there are the people who must have at least 26 hours in a day to not only blog but tweet, instagram, pin, facebook, text, email, make phone calls, compute, type, snail mail, face time, and whatever else I have forgotten or don't know about. When do they have the time to do anything else? LOL!


Chatty Crone said...

I don't understand Twitter of Facebook really - it is just a mini mini blog - are we living in a world where we can't take the time to write a blog? lol

Where do you read your blogs? If you go to google home page - that is going to be gone and the reader there. If you are reading them somewhere else you will be okay.

Love, sandie

Paula said...

Gee whiz I'm glad there is someone else who has other things to do besides stay on the computer all day.

Carol said...

Finally, I'm not the only one! Everyone said if you have a blog you need a twitter and an instagram, so I got them. Now, what do I do with them? Every few weeks I'm remember they are there and post something. Nothing happens. Pinterest I love because I find so much stuff I could be doing instead of sitting at the computer, and I follow people, but I don't know what it means. I think it's time for some warm milk and bed, all this social network stuff is making me old!

Susan said...

I wonder about all those things too.I do use Facebook and Pinterest, but the other things baffle me.

Beth said...

You really have me thinking. Why does a pound can of coffee contain only 12 ounces?

Angela said...

I don't understand twitter either! lol I just think it's crazy where people just will write I just ate a hot dog, burp. Why would I want to bother someone with that!? I just recently started the fb thing and it is very frustrating because the fb people are people that I actually know and they won't even "like" something that I put up much less comment! Yet they will tell me or my husband that they seen a picture I put up. Makes no sense to me. I have much better friends through my blog! More people on my blog were excited and happy for me this week that I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of being a breast cancer survivor but yet the people who are supposedly supposed to be my friends couldn't even hit the like button! Ridiculous!

Rant over! lol But it is true...

Jackie said...

You are funny Jill. I'm pretty much right with you! I guess I have a twitter account, but I've never used it...go figure. I think It's mostly for those "smart phone users, they can tweet 24/7 if they want. Not really sure why that is such a big thing?

joy said...

I tried twitter too, and found it confusing to say the least, I'm on Facebook because all my friends are and its easy to post one thing and everyone knows about it. Have never tried (and dont intend to) Instagram. Dont even have a phone that does anything other than phoning or texting! My computer is a big black box that sits under my desk, so when I leave the room, thats it.
Welocme to the 21st Century for luddites :-)

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Good Morning Jill
and Greetings from Ireland

I just wanted to pop by and wish you
a very Happy St. Patrick's Day.

May you always have
Walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
Those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire!


ps I don't understand the blogger thingy either!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

i have all - i don't get twitter - more for folks who can write in quick short notes - case in point = NOT ME!! ha. ha!! ( :

i enjoy instagram because you do get great photos & can share with friends & other folks you know.

i learn from others & all that jazz.

Donna said...

Yep, I do the all as well. I enjoy them and they are great ways to get the word out...of whatever word you need to get out!Hahaa
Example: Twitter...I have almost 3000 "like minded" people who follow me. When there's elections, we all sit and watch the event and comment about it...It's fun. It's all about locating people who like what You like...Same thing for people who like knitting....or hotrods or Anything.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm baffled too, Jill. Just when I begin to understand, something new is invented. HELP!

Jeanne said...

I really try to stay off the soapbox... but I'm right with you on all of this. Twitter is pretty stupid and facebook isn't much better.
After what happened to you I worry about my blog but have no idea how to protect it. Anyway, keep on keepin" on sister.

EM Illustrator said...

Sometimes I wonder how people find the time to be on all the things all the time, I use FB and Twitter but only to promote my work basically. It's great tools if you use them properly, but lately there's too much 'drama' on FB and I prefer to stay out of it. I love reading what people are up to, that's why I like blogger :)

Buttons said...

Oh Jill I have no idea about any of this. I keep blogging and cross my fingers:)
Seriously I learn as I go with the help of genius friends like Texwisgirl when I get stuck.
Why do do the Oreo cookies look so tiny now did my hands grow huge? B

Catherine said...

Dear Jill,

Oh you are so right!! I don't understand any of this! If it were not for my daughter or son I would be totally lost with all of this.
I don't know what blogger reader is, I don't tweet. I don't instagram. I do miss the old fashioned picture taking.
I don't seem to have any pictures with this new picture taking.
This new world just is too technical for me and every time I do get how to do something it changes.
I even miss going to the record store. It was fun.
Oh well, I will keep trying, but I get tired.
Blessings dear, Catherine xo

Tammy said...

Hi Jill! :D I should introduce myself first. I'm Tammy, Catherine's daughter from Living the Gourmet...Yup! That's my mama :D
Anywho, my mom was telling about your blog a few days back and about all the troubles you were having with Blogger and Google. I thought I'd check it out and see if I could be of any help for you.

Wow. Lots of questions here! So, I was in the middle of typing out all the answers but then I thought maybe it was too long to post. So if it is ok, I emailed it to you! :D

Let me know if I was of any help. And if you have any more questions, don't give it a second thought to let me know!

By the way, your photos are beautiful. Hope you have a beautiful Easter.