Tuesday, January 8, 2013


See that nice, long icicle?
We grow them big like that.
Here in Minnesota.

Especially in January.
Where if often thaws during the day
and freezes at night.

It gives us a reprieve.

Many get out their shorts.
Once it hits 30 on the thermometer,
it's considered shorts and flip flop weather.

I don't wear shorts.
Even if it's 100.
I'm like that.

The seed catalogs are arriving.
It almost feels like spring.
I'm not going to get suckered into starting seeds yet.
Well, maybe not.

How about you?
Are you feeling spring in the air?


TexWisGirl said...

well, i wouldn't break out shorts at 30 but i do remember the '50 degree party' when i was young - showing up to school in shorts and being sent home. :)

Jackie said...

I am not through with winter yet, I think there is plenty left. January in MN is always a weird time, Iv'e been known to wash my window the end of January, it's usually in the 30's (like today), so why not :)

Chatty Crone said...

If you were under that icicle and it fell - I think it would kill you life a knife!!!!!!!!!!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

don't walk under that thing. looks scary. wow!!

cold temps in the AM. it is suppose to be warmer this week. i usually save the shorts for really warm, extreme hot weather. unless i am inside where i can change if i get cold. ( :

Anonymous said...

Here in GA, we are beginning to see the green tips of tulips and jonquils popping through the soil! We have had ice storms as late as April, so I know not to get too hopeful for Spring!

Buttons said...

Minnesota sounds like Canada:)
It is supposed to be +15c here on the weekend after the -25c I may be running around in a bikini:) Yeah that will never happen that ship has surely sailed:) B

Beth said...

We are having a warmup this week and the bitter cold temps are coming back next week.

Jeanne said...

Your funny!!!
Just a few hundred miles south of you and there is NO snow on the roof to create icicles.
This is the second winter like this so far. It will be 50 by Friday. Hurry April and hurry rain.
The drought continues!

Lynne said...

Spring seems to be in the air here too. It has been beautuful . . . I saw my first person in shorts yesterday when I was volunteering at the hospital. A few walking in with T-shirts on too. Fifties are predicted for later in the week . . . No shorts will be seen on this gal, that is a FOR SURE,

nanny said...

It got up to 52 degrees today and I must admit I kinda got the fever! Spring that is,,,,,ha

Susan said...

To dang cold here to think of shorts!

Hope Filled Living said...

My family has always chuckled at me because I am not a winter person and I begin to tell them that spring is coming by the first week in January. I guess it is my way of holding onto hope that I will soon be out in my garden and doing the things I love to do once again. Sometimes I have to take a mid winter break to Florida for a week or two just to help the winter go by faster.

Nancy Claeys said...

I cut some pussy willows about a month ago and they are sprouting leaves. Maybe they know something we don't? :)

Madi and Mom said...

Boy I would not want to be under that icicle when it falls. MOL

We are having a preview of Spring this week. 66 today an the rest of the week and possibly 74 on Sunday.
BUT we know NC and Mother Nature will give us a sucker punch come about March. We've had our worst weather in March.
Hugs madi and Mom

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well, it doesn't feel like spring at all to me, but it is supposed to hit 59* today. I hope to get some vitamin D on my run to lift the winter blues. I don't like January and February!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Now THAT'S an icecicle. As someone who loves winter, I am wanting spring to wait a while :)

Rosemary said...

Love the thought of "growing" icicles :) All summer we take credit for the plants that grow in the garden, so why not take credit for the snow and icy sculptures that "grow" in the winter too! Love your last post, very touching, I appreciate you as well :)

Paula said...

It's cold here for south Texas. Once I did see an icicle like this here many many moons ago on a windmill. I was spending the night with a friend and it was the coldest I've ever been. Too shy to ask for another blanket.

Debbie said...

in this heart, it's always spring. last night i planted my "house" paperwhites....4 - 6 weeks baby, i am only a tad excited!!

Anonymous said...

I see that icicle and the first thing that comes to mind is Ralphie sitting in santa's lap asking for a Red Rider BB gun and Santa saying, "You'll put your eye out, kid"!

We had upper 60's here today. But with our wacky weather in KY, it could very well be snowing by Saturday. :)