Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Most Asked Question

Since I've been gone for a few months,
I've had several inquiries as to how the
boy and the girl are doing....or better yet...
if they are still an "item."

Getting right to the point...
they are.
They talk on the phone.  Alot.
"She" now has a cell phone.
If he can't get her here at home,
he calls her cell.
If she doesn't answer that,
he calls my cell phone.

Date nights have been reduced.
By me, not them.
I can't afford it! ha!
He visits here when I'm not too tired.
From work.
Or Christmas shopping.
Or cooking.
Or baking.
My friend and I made 53 dozen cookies this year.

We had a hiccup.
"He" did something hurtful.
Very out of character for him.
I cried.
"She" was mad at me!
"She" insisted I apologize to him.
All is good now.

They want to get married.
Don't get excited.
I'm not.
It's only been 4 months.
Love is made of dreams.
And dreams are born of love.
It's ok to dream.
And love.

They may not always do things right,
but they are good kids.
They have each others backs.
They love each other.
And for today,
that's all this Mom could ask for.


Chatty Crone said...

So the little love is continuing. Well I think you're right - make them take a long long time.

Lynne said...

Encoursging the love birds to travel through the seasons to get to know one another, is a good thing, but young love doesn't often want to listen to us older, wiser, parents! They might not agree, but it isn't going to hurt either of them to date, get to know one another throughout the varying seasons and events throughout the span of a year. I am happy you are close by to observe and monitor.

Many changes for you in 2012 weren't there? Happy New Year Jill . . . be well my friend.

Dawn LL said...

How fun to watch blossoming love and all that comes with it. Glad your able to be there to guide even though they don't want to'
Hang on Mom it is only the beginning

Rosemary said...

Wise words from a wise mom!

Paula said...

You are such a wise Mom. They are lucky to have you near by to gentle watch over.

Beth said...

Good to see a post from you.

Looks like you have everything in hand mom! :-)

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Glad all is well in your world. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

glad you are bloggin' again. so missed you. big hugs. ( :

so sweet - a new love. guess that is where it all starts. so exciting.

Nancy Claeys said...

So great to see you again Jill --

as for the lovebirds -- the hardest part is staying at an arm's length and not meddling too much. I know from experience. :)

Buttons said...

It is so nice having you back and hearing about your world. Hug B

Anonymous said...

They are blessed to have you! Happy New Year!

Debbie said...

you sure do know what your doing jill, what a wonderful mom you are!!

sounds like everything is perfect!

Donna said...

Glad your back!!
Happy New Year!!

Michaele said...

Oh Jill - I am so happy to hear from you! My heart sings for the kids. You are amazing.

Jeanne said...

Challanging to be the mom of a teen in love. Soundls like you have the situation in hand.

Madi and Mom said...

Bless your heart Jill you have your hands full. It is so hard for the children to take advice when they think they are grown and know it all.

Lots of prayers and hugs
Madi and Mom

At Home in English Valley said...

Welcome Back Jill, I saw you comment on Irish Garden House and was so happy to see you back. Wouldn't want to go back to those teenage days...all those hormones...They will find their way... Happy New Year! Love, Penny

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Hello Jill. So glad you are back. I have missed your post and pictures. Glad to know that they are still together. Can't wait to see pictures. Happy New Year. ANA

Saun said...

Nice to hear from you which I've been out of the loop too. Young love how sweet.


pembrokeshire lass said...

Oh it's o hard isn't it? My kids have grown up and married but I remember it well. The intensity of it cal! Ah me. I really don't know what lose to say except enjoy and....remember and I were in he same boat. Best wishes for 2013. Joan

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm glad it is still going well for them.


EM Illustrator said...

Hi Jill, I'm happy to hear that things are going well for the kids. I like your header pictures very much. Wishing you a fantastic Happy New Year 2013 - may it be a great one for you. Big hugs and thank you for stopping by at my blog.


Susan said...

Hard to be in love and young. Ugh. Glad those days are over!

Walking on Sunshine said...

Glad to hear all is well. 53 dozen cookies? That's a lot! Enjoy your celebration tonight!

Kathy said...

I'm so happy for the kids! Falling in love with each other and sharing time together! On the other hand....busy you! Wow, i'm so glad I've shared a small part in your lives,you are such a wonderful - loving family! Kathy G,your forever friend from EBCS! ;)