Monday, December 5, 2011

And We Wonder...

why kids bully other kids
and why some kids
feel the need
to commit suicide.

This is on a local blog
regarding our school district.
This is written by an ADULT!

After reading the following article in “IF TROUBLED KIDS AREN’T BIPOLAR” Sundays Star tribune ” I HAVE THE FOLLOWING COMMENT TO MAKE TO ALL THE FOLLOWING. There wouldn’t be so many kids with these so called MENTAL problems if a lot of you people were not allowed to breed. Most of you have drug problems , alcohol problems had to many kids at to young of age, have no parenting skills, and expect the rest of society to do your job.

Remember they are your kids and not mine and I am sick of paying for your stupid mistakes. It seem every one in the world has a disability and the are entitled to make everyone else pay for treatment of the so called disabled. Think about that the next time you use drugs or so drunk you reproduce flawed humans. The animal kingdom gets rid of inferior species, that is all except the human animal. The world would

be better off if humans did what the animal kingdom does. By the way will some one please explain what Average means? Everyone thinks sex is great until their kid is considered DISABLED. If I have 4 toes am I disabled? If I break a finger nail am I disabled? No the fact is that this society has mislabeled people and think the answer is more drugs for these so called disabled people. You had them so you take care of them.

Print this as you say you print everything.
To say I am offended, repulsed,
frustrated and ashamed of this
is an understatement.
I hesitated having it repeated here but
in my quest to educate people
about special needs people,
I felt everyone should see
what we deal with, as their parents.
Jill: One PROUD parent of two SPECIAL children.


Mommie Dearest Strikes Again said...

That person is a moron.

Chatty Crone said...

I second you Jill. I honestly can't understand at all - how someone could write that.


Anonymous said...

Someone would have to be stone-cold hearted to say the following excerpt from that post:
"The animal kingdom gets rid of inferior species, that is all except the human animal. The world would be better off if humans did what the animal kingdom does."
My mind can't even grasp that someone would feel this way. Sickening.

Carol said...

Ignorance breeds ignorance. People who think this way create a world without love. It's hard to believe that in the era we live in there are still people with such ignorant minds.

Terri said...

OMG This person is a cold hearted IDIOT!!!!!

missing moments said...

Jill, this person is really ignorant and I'm amazed they can even operate a computer. Mommy dearest says it best!

Anonymous said...

That actually made my stomach hurt!


Mari said...

Oh my word - that person is way more disabled than the people he is talking about!

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

I think we should feed this guy to the animal kingdom - the Lion part of the kingdom.

I'm glad they went ahead and printed it because he deserves for the world to know what a fool he is, but I bet the coward didn't sign it - huh?

He is out numbered, out voted, and out witted.

Your special children have more class and heart in their little pinky's than he does in his whole body.

God will take "special" care of him, jill- we should pity him!

Big hugs & thank you for being courageous.

Blessed Serendipity said...

I could not believe what I was reading. Obviously this ignorant person does not know love or God. I am so glad that your special needs children have a loving and caring mother like you.


Flora said...

Jill... I can't even respond to that....there is obviously deep problems are truly BLESSED!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What an ass. Can you imagine living out life with that much bitterness? How horrible to be that way. Thankfully, most of the world is in a different camp.

Gloria said...

Every single one of us has a flaw, be it mental or physical! We are ALL GIFTS from God!!! To bad more people don't see it that way!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

When I read your post I was in aww. My jaw dropped. I could not believe they wrote this and how harsh they were. My daughter is special and this really bothers me. I guess we should PRAY for this person to have some love and GOD in his/her heart.
This only lets me love more and more my daughter everyday.

Buttons said...

It is so very sad and we all know there are very ignorant people in the world who will never change. I cannot believe they even gave this ignorant person an audience. B

Donna said...

I honestly can't believe people feel this way! Does that mean if he wants us to be more like the animal species and the animal gets rid of the inferior of the species, when he is ill, do we help him with a surgery, stitches, medication, or shall we post him on a corner to be left as inferior, as the animals do and let wild animals carry him off? Of course, one bite of this bitter course and they'd drop his carcass off right there in the street!

This is the kind of talk that was bantered about by Hitler, Stalin, and the rest of the communists and socialists. The inferior are not worth saving.

We should stand watch against the wolves in sheep's clothing - saying this about mentally handicapped, does it stop there when they rid us of these children, and then take up physically handicapped or ill??? Someone born too early needing care, someone older who needs help. Where does it stop? This is hateful and as mean as mean comes.

Hard to read, harder to understand because we don't think this way - I guess because the Human Species was given compassion, love and caring -


Susan said...

That person is mean spirited and a absolute creep. Terrible. Your children are blessed to have you as their champion!