Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Here is our main
Christmas Tree.

It is jammed packed
with ornaments that we
have collected over the years.
All have a meaning.
The most meaniful, of course,
are ones that hold pictures of my kids,
held in place by frames they made at school.

Here are a few others
that are favorites too.

This represents our home.

Last year was the first time
I've ever had an owl visit.
My sister gave me this to
remember Oscar.

A favorite Santa

Gotta have my mittens,
even inside.  Love rustic things too.

A crystal snowflake I made.
No picture I can take
is able to show the sparkle of these.
Now, are those of you that encouraged me
to continue posting my decorations
sorry you did?  :)


Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Thank you for sharing your decorations. The gingerbread house is super cute and the owl is just adorable. But the Santa is my favorite. I love Christmas. I can't believe so many people are not decorating only because their kids are no longer at home. How sad. An home with no decorations is like an empty heart. That is just my opinion. They don't have to go all out like alot of us do, but atleast a tree.

Madi and Mom said...

Absolutely gorgeous...you are as talented at tree decorating as you are at baking.
Thank you for sharing
Hugs Madi and Mom

Ellie said...

You have some lovely tree decorations there. Your tree looks great.

Melodie said...

The best ornaments are the ones with memories!!!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

A picture-postcard tree you have there! Full of memories -- lovely. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Oh I love your tree with the angel on top. your owl and love your Santa. Very pretty Jill.

forgetmenot said...

Lovely tree, Jill. I'll take a tree filled with those ornaments that have a story behind them or some sentimenal value over a tree that is "color coordinated" with perfect ( and usually, expensive) ornaments hanging on it. Your angel is beautiful. Keep posting your Christmas decorations--they are a real treat. Mickie :)

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Jill... I want to see ALL of your Christmas decor!... that's what makes it so fun this time of year on the blogs... your tree is just beautiful, I love the sweet little snowy owl... xoxo Julie Marie

Loveforfood said...

i love to see Christmas decor. Is hard to see in my country.

TexWisGirl said...

personal ornaments are the best. :)

Furry Bottoms said...

I like the owl ornament! Your tree is beautiful

Dianna said...

Your tree is beautiful! Thank you for sharing some of your favorite ornaments with us. (We're still undecided about whether to put up our tree. We figure Sundae may take it down as quickly as it goes up..?).

EG Wow said...

I love a tree jam-packed with meaningful ornaments!

Flora said...

Thanks for sharing..how can we ever get tired of Christmas things!!??

Blessed Serendipity said...

Jill your Christmas tree is gorgeous and is loaded with so many sentimental ornaments. Love the angel at the top too. I am happy you are still posting Christmas.


Donna said...

Oh, Your Tree is Beautiful Jill!!!
And I Love Oscar!Hahaa

Gloria said...

Not tired yet! Lol Very pretty!

Bonnie said...

All are lovely! I love trees decorated with things that are meaningful.

Donna said...

Heaven's NO!! Don't stop! I'm not, so join me!! Don't you love seeing all the memories, all of the things our children and grandchildren made or brought to us!? Oh, I do - just in case you hadn't noticed! he he he! I'll be posting another tree tonight!!

I love your main tree, my main one is the same - all of the ornaments from years gone by! Thank you Jill, for encouraging me to do more!! he he he!

Have a marvelous afternoon, Jill!


Lisa RedWillow said...

Jill your tree is so beautiful. I love all the photos. Pretty.
I did see the the vid on G+ the other day and I can not watch it again. Glad you posted it for all who havent seen it yet.

Lottie said...

Beautiful tree!!!

Amiee said...

I love the owl ornament! How neat to have had a visit from "Oscar".

Visiting you from Molly's team. I posted my favorite ornaments on my blog too :)

Catherine said...

Dear Jill, Very thoughtful to share your Christmas decorations. I know each time the decorations are unpacked memories just float out with them. Blessings, Catherine xo

Susan said...

I love your decorations, and how you have meaning to them.