Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good (Sunday) Morning! on Saturday Night.

Some people
I know don't like 'em.
I happen to enjoy
the blossoms on
the hostas.

A favorite spot in my garden...

A newly discovered

My first cherry tomato this year...
boy did it taste good!

From the looks of it,
I'll have a lot more.

What a joyful day.

By the way, someone asked why my rhubarb wasn't red.
First of all, I didn't show the whole stem,
it was red towards the bottom.
Also, some rhubarb varieties are redder than others.
And lastly, I'd be happy to post the recipe
for the rhubarb bread if anyone is interested.


texwisgirl said...

beautiful plants.

Jackie said...

Mmmmm rhubarb bread....recipe please :)

Janie2 said...

All plants are beautiful.
Can't think of a plant I would not like right now.
Never heard of rhubarb bread, and I bet it is delicious.
Going camping soon?
Trying to escape the heat?

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Home grown veges are a wonderful rest. Your tomatoes look good.

Ellie said...

Yes please, can we have rhubarb recipe please. :)

Gloria said...

YUM! Home grown tomatoes! And I love anything rhubarb!

Debbie said...

purple = love.......home grown = yummo!!!

Bonnie said...

I, too, enjoy the flowers on the hostas. I think they get a bad rap, becausee the flower is not as showy as the leaf of the hosta...
I love to watch the bumblebees disappear inside and stumble out after gorging. This summer's blooms are history over here, I am afraid. Everything is lovely.

Furry Bottoms said...

I like hostas myself. They're no problem to keep up with. I like the azaleas and hydragenas myself. They just keep on giving and giving!

Donna said...

It's just too hot here...I have 5 plants and only got a few tomatoes!
Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

My hostas never get to bloom: the deer take care of that! But I think the blooms are beautiful!