Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Thankful

First of all,
I have to say
to all of my
my new
You thrill me
like you can't
even imagine.

Yesterday was
yet another day
of rain, off and on.
So sorry to all of you that
need the rain.
I wish I could
send it your way.
All I'd ask in
return is a little
of your sun and heat.

We were going
a bit stir crazy around here
so we set off to see a movie.
Which one, you ask?
Super 8, of course!
Was a very fun
A little rough with
the language but good.

Once we got home,
I played a game of
beat the rain.
I actually won
and got my yard mowed.

Today, I focused on some
wildflowers I have growing
around the fringes of the yard.
I so enjoy
whatever mother
nature has to offer,
in the way of flowers.

The Wild Rose
Technically, I did plant this
as it was a gift from my sister.
However, it is wild
and I do have other
volunteers growing around the property.

Painted Brush
I have a whole
area covered in these.
So delightful.

The Wild Sweet Pea
Another favorite of mine.
I love the way it grows
up the fence.

Mystery Plant
I love this plant
but I have not been
able to identify it.
Do any of you have
any idea what it is?

OK!  This one
isn't wild.
It's one of my
but I couldn't leave
it out.

My wish for you
If you need rain,
I hope you get it.
If you want some
sun, I hope it
Whatever the weather,
embrace your day and
make it a good one!


Jenny Woolf said...

Nope, can't identify the plant! but lovely pics

texwisgirl said...

oh i just love those painted brush!!! reminds me of my youth in Wisconsin! thanks for that!

Tiggeriffic said...

The wild rose is Iowa's state flower.. Oak tree is our state tree. Great picture. I love flowers and right now they are just blooming and blooming and making brilliant colors in my flower garden as well as yours. God is good.
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm like you ~ I get so excited when someone comments or decided to follow my blog.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

missing moments said...

Such a fun walk through the woods!

Young Adventures... said...

I love all of your flowers Jill!. We have a very similar rose in our garden. Hoping for sunshine tomorrow!!

Leontien said...

I have no idea but they all look lovely to me!!! and yes that one you don't know is very very nice indeed!

Hope the rain stops!

forgetmenot said...

Jill, Thanks for becomeing a "follower" - I'm doing the same with your blog. Looks like you have some lovely posts. I think we are both "flower and nature" lovers. AND, anybody that likes the "Wizard of Oz" has to be OK!!!! I'm from Kansas so I'm pretty partial to that movie too. Have a great weekend--I'll see you soon. Mickie :)

Janie2 said...

This is a gorgeous lilly in red! I love all flowers, especially the lily, and of course sunflowers. Very nice photograph.

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

Love the flowers. I have the say the unidentified flower is my favorite. We will take some of that rain you are giving away. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blooms!
(Sorry that I'm always a day late commenting on your posts. I usually do my blog reading in the mornings.... the rest of the day sometimes gets too crazy to have the time!)
Have a good Friday - and a great weekend. Hope the sun shines on you!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

You have captured the beauty of these flowers. Lovely photos.


BettyJean @ Shabby Tea Party said...

Wow, your blog is growing by leaps and bounds. So many new followers, what's your secret? LOL And I'm so jealous of your gorgeous flowers. One of these days I have to stop dreaming/whining about it and actually get out there and plant some flower gardens!!