Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Between the Rains

We've had more
clouds then sun.
More rain
then not.

But June
still offers
the beauty we long for.

The sweet peony...
it always delights
with it's soft
and it's marvelous perfume.

The bright yellow
of this yarrow
always makes me smile.

Yesterday was the first
day of
Maybe the sun
will decide
to shine
upon us
once again.

Until then,
I'll escape
to my pretties,
between the
and clouds.


Young Adventures... said...

Jill that is the most beautiful peony! Do you know the variety? These are beautiful photos. This weather has been so crazy! The weekend is coming though and I hear it is supposed to be beautiful. Have a great day!

Jill said...

Hi Rachel! I'm sorry, I do not know the variety of the peony. It came with me from "home" so it's been around for a long time. I hope the forecasters are right about the weekend weather...we are due some sun. :)

texwisgirl said...

those are beauties!

Samantha said...

Lovely peony! I have yarrow growing everywhere..such a cheery plant.
If you ever want to try to ID your peony, you can try the search at

Anonymous said...

Peonies are one of my favorites, right after Lilacs. I sure hope the weekend is nice. I need to paint LOL! Love the photos!

Kathy said...

Love that peony and its subtle pink color. Thanks for all your comments. Wishing you a wonderful sunny day. We're hoping to have another rainy one!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures - that peony is breathtaking! My mom always grew peonies. She pronounced it "Pe-O-ny" not "pe-o-NEE". Guess that was the country pronunciation!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I love that peony!

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...


Jenny Woolf said...

That's nice! when I'm fed up with the rain (and yes, we're having lots in England, too) I'll remember how glad I am it's June and not January nevertheless!

Furry Bottoms said...

Hi Jill! :) Thanks for visiting me. I love your flowers!

Jackie said...

JILL, You're such a little poet. always love looking at your pretty flowers !

Janie2 said...

You have a wonderful attitude on rain in summer. I hope it reaches you soon, it is here finally. After buckets of rain and gloomy days. Light sure adds to our spirits. Your flowers are adding to mine! WOW!!! Great beauties, keep them coming.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

The yarrow has a very cheery yellow flower. I guess once the rain eases you'll have lots of green to enjoy.

Michaele said...

I like the yarrow. I think it is an herb. I used dried parts of it in my goat's milk soap. Nice photos.