Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Housekeeping

I decided that I need to catch
everyone up on a few
things today.
I have previously
made promises
and panicked today
when I realized I haven't
fulfilled them.

You  may remember this post:
I promised I'd post
a picture of
my daughter had made.
Well here it is!
I just love
these colors...
so refreshing
and perfect for summer.

You may also
remember this post:
Glass Fusion

Here is one
of my finished pieces:

No matter
what settings I tried on the computer,
what type of editing I attempted,
or what background I used,
I couldn't get the true colors
to show.
It's a great summer piece though.

I'm sorry I can't show you more.
Sadly, we had a few
quality control issues
with the place we made these.
Even though they didn't all turn out,
it was a fun thing to do.

I think that's about it.
I'm sorry it has
taken me so long
to get this done.
Thanks for
your patience!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, these are so pretty! Those colors are perfect for summer- so cool. Thanks for sharing pictures of your work! Tell your daughter I love her necklace.

Kayla said...

Those are very pretty, Jill!

Cher' Shots said...

Nice beadwork. But don't you just hate when the camera wont cooperate?! I'm your newest follower!
'hugs from afar'