Sunday, June 12, 2011

It doesn't seem that
long ago...
there was a
we all had something
caller ID.

Hard for the young
to imagine,
I'm sure.
They are so
accustomed to it now.

But I remember a time,
when our phones looked
like this.
I'm sure it
to some.
I miss it though.

There was
a certain
amount of
excitement in the unknown

Maybe Grandma
and Grandpa
were calling
to invite me
for a summer stay.

Or a friend,
inviting me to come and play,
or later years,
go swimming
or maybe to a movie.

And then...
as the years evolved,
maybe it was
"that" boy
calling to ask
me out.
The flutter of the heart,
the butterflies in the tummy,
in hearing his voice,
wanting to speak
to me!

I know kids today
couldn't imagine it,
but I miss it.
The unknown caller.
One of lives
greatest mysteries.
Oh how I miss it.


texwisgirl said...

no. not me. i'm a big call-screener and phone-a-phobe... :)

Jackie said...

Did you have "party lines" Jill. We did... Depending on pattern of the ring determines if it was your call or not. Our was a double ring. Sometime we would try and listen to the other parties calls and we would suddenly hear, "hey....get off the line" We always got caught. Oh the memories. I also remember that pitter patter of my heart when that certain someone was gonna be calling.... I'm married to him now :)

Anonymous said...

Those were the FUN parts of not having caller ID. But I really like knowing if it's a telemarketer (so I don't answer), or seeing who was calling if you don't get to the phone in time.
But, you're right - nothing compares to those butterflies in the tummy when a boy called to talk to you!

snowwhite said...

Yes, there was such a thrilling time for me. Maybe, my son won't understand it. Thank you, Jill, Good old days' memory came back to me.
Have a nice day!

Kayla said...

Jackie, We had a party line and I remember when our neighbor would leave their phone off the hook - by dad would whistle into the phone so they would realize it and hang up - if not, we had to walk up the hill to their house and tell them.

Dianna, Maybe it was because I was a kid, but I don't remember getting telemarketer calls like now....every now and then I can remember my mom hanging up on someone - we always knew it must have been someone trying to sell us something - because otherwise my mother never would have been so rude!

Jill, now am I the only one who, even though I check the Caller ID before I answer, still says..."Hello?" as if I don't know who is actually calling? I can't seem to answer like many people do...."Hi, Kayla!"

Young Adventures... said...

Jill, I'm not a big phone talker either. I love my caller id! Although that bit of excitement from childhood was pretty special.
Loved the post about your parade, so fun to see a little bit of your town life. I love the jewelry too, those blues are so pretty!

Janie2 said...

Great memories Jill. Yes, image a phone with a finger dial, and to answer it not knowing who is calling. We had a party line, and I was not allowed to listen, but sometimes I did. This was a fun post. Keep them coming.

Janice said...

I remember having a phone just like the one pictured, although we never had a party line. I am thankful for caller id now. Its disturbing how many calls from solicters are logged on the caller id each day. We dont have the feature on our work phones and I get so aggravated at having to stop what I am working on and go pick up the phone to some foreigner wanting money.