Monday, May 9, 2011

They're Baaaaaacckkkk.....

What a Mother's Day weekend.

It was beautiful on Friday.
With the threat of rain,
for Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
Monday and Tuesday,
(no, I am not kidding)
I got a lot of yard work done.
I made some discoveries along the way.

The good...

my summer buddies are back!

The bad...

these little bloodsuckers have arrived.

And the ugly...

Please allow me a  little
poetic license here
as I really do love a good
However, it's very ugly for many
folks right now because they are
nearing flood stage.

Tomorrow is to be 82 degrees.
Hopefully, we'll have some sun
to go along with it!


Jackie said...

82 is just too hot for me, I much prefer winter :)

Anonymous said...

Today was perfect here! But the gnats have arrived. Those little pests are nothing but teeth!!

No - I didn't have any problems with Mama Kat's last Thursday. Is that what you meant?

Young Adventures... said...

I'll take 82 any day!