Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And The Sun Has Returned...

So very many reasons
to rejoice in
the return of the sun.

I call these...sunshine on the ground.

Notice that little bug in there?
He's happy the sun is back.

Blooming a bit late this year,
but better late than never.

Cupid, logging some
much cherished deck time.

And this little guy...
is sunshine...

no matter what
the weather is doing.

Life in the sun.
It's a ball!


Anonymous said...

Life does "go better with sun", doesn't it?
Your sweet kitty, Cupid, looks like a senior citizen...?

Young Adventures... said...

I'm just loving this weather!! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your enjoyment as well Jill.

Sunny Simple Life said...

He is too cute. Lovely tulips you have as well.