Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And It's Only Wednesday!

Ever have one of those days weeks?
This has been one for me.
And as the title says,
it's only Wednesday!

Here's a recap:


Had to drive nearly an hour for a bi-annual
meeting regarding my son.
A fairly large rock flew up and cracked my windshield.
Had to stop at Walmart on the return trip.
Upon arriving home,
called to schedule an oil change
and windshield replacement.
Total phone time: 35 minutes.
Phone rang.
Social security calling regarding
banking business regarding son.
Phone time: 50 minutes.
Rushed out to greet daughter at bus stop.
Dashed off to bank regarding social security business.
Could not complete bank business due
to incomplete data from social security
(I am pretty darn sure the lady at social security
knew this prior to sending me to the bank but...).
Returned home.
Called social security back.
Phone time: 15 minutes.
Sent off an email to daughter's school
regarding violations of her IEP
(Individual Educational Plan).
Supper, cleaning, bedtime routines,
and bed.


3 loads of laundry completed by
9:30 a.m.
Picked up daughter for dental appointment.
Good news: NO cavities!
Bad news: Crack in windshield
doubled in length while in the
dental office.
Ran errands, made supper,
bedtime routines,
tornado sirens,
huh? wait? what?
Yes.  First tornado warning of the season.
I did take time to take a few photos.
Nothing spectacular to share though
as I went to bed before the really
"big stuff" hit.
Yea...I know.
I've gotten a little too
laid back with these storm warnings.
Tossed and turned all night.
Didn't feel too well.
Woke up nice and early
Wednesday morning and discovered why.
Instead of taking my Zantac for my stomach,
I accidentally took one of my
daughter's medications.
An upset stomach and a bit of dizziness
remained with me throughout the day
but all seems well now. ha!

I had this little man today
so I got to nap with him.

Now I ask you,
doesn't he just make everything
all better?

Tomorrow's going to be
a good day.
I get my windshield replaced
and I get him back!

As I always say,
Life IS good!


Anonymous said...

Aw... he's a cutie! I can understand how he'd make everything better.
Hope the remainder of your week is more pleasant than the beginning!

Kandi said...

He sure is a cutie pie! Hope the rest of your week goes better for you!!