Monday, April 18, 2011

Week-end Review

I'm happy to report the
snow is (once again) gone
and the sun is shining.
It's a tad
chilly right now,
but that's OK.

I had hope to post
pictures of the jewelry I bought
from the special ed group
at the expo I previously wrote about.
However, my usually
very, messy daughter,
wore one piece to school today
and has "put the others away"
and I can't find them.
I hope to post photos of them
later this week.
Let me tell you this...
they had some G O R G E O U S pieces!
I can't wait to hear how their sales were.
I think they may have been
pretty good by the looks of things
when I left.
While Becky worked the booth,
I walked the expo with a good
friend and got lots of
I love freebies...
who doesn't?

After the expo,
we made a trip to Costco.
We needed to stock up on
a few very essential items
like cat food and
(shhhh) toilet paper.
My daughter just loves Costco,
No...she's not a cost savvy shopper...
she just loves all of the
free samples.
My challenge is usually
to keep her in my line of sight
while I shop and she grazes.
It's a good way to
keep her a little distracted
while I try to focus
(another challenge for me with all of the people in that place)!

This usually works for both of us.
Until Saturday, that is.
You see, I rarely indulge in those samples.
I'm too busy trying not to get
hit by other carts,
or trying to avoid hitting
the little tots with my cart.
Becky has realized this
and took it upon herself
to "share" with me on this day.

Before I knew it,
she (somewhat) gently
shoved a cracker into my mouth.
She was so excited to share
a morsel of a sample with me she
was giddy.
Until she noticed my face.
Her eyes got wide..
and wider still.
The corners of her mouth curled up on the sides.
All this while I was trying
to be a lady
while having something quite
in my mouth.
I could not chew.
I could not swallow.
I had no napkin
or tissue to spit it out.
I tried to continue shopping.
I could feel people looking at us,
since by now,
Becky was in a absolutely,
full blown case of the giggles
while my face turned 20 shades of green.
After perusing 3 aisles,
she turned to me and said
"Do you still have that in your mouth?"
Then instructed me to
"Chew it and swallow it!"
Over the course of 4 more aisles,
and with every fiber in my body,
I swallowed it.
And the taste lingered and lingered and...
well, you get the drift.
I'm sure you're wondering what it was.
It was some concoction
made with...
Green Olives!

Once I could speak again,
I turned to my thoughtful daughter
and said "YOU OWE ME!"
"Find me something to get this taste out of my mouth!"
She set off in search
and proudly came back with a piece of chocolate
covered caramel.  I popped it in my mouth,
knowing it would soon wash away the
taste of those olives.
And then it hit me...
Lots and lots of SEA SALT!
On my chocolate covered caramel!
How could anyone ruin a good piece
of chocolate with SALT?

I know...
some of you love/like olives
and sea salt on chocolate,
but for me,
it was a trying, stressful
"girls day out."
It reminded me of the time
I bought some pistachios
and they had salt AND pepper
on them!
$15.00 worth of pistachios reduced to
the garbage can!
At least I didn't buy the
other stuff!

Next time we go to Costco,
I'm wearing a face mask!


Jackie said...

I love your sense of humor Jill. I happen to love green olives so I'm not sure what all the drama was about...hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I've ever eaten an olive; just can't bring myself to try one....

And that reminds me, I had wanted to get Motor Man to take me to Costco over the weekend so I could buy a couple of those HUMONGOUS bags of potting soil! Hmm... will have to get him there soon. But I won't be eating any olives...yuk.

Kandi said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I wanted to get to the expo but we had a birthday party. Sounds like I missed lots of fun freebies! Becky is such a stinker to shove food in your mouth and then laugh at you!!! Actually, sounds like a teenager to me! :)

Kandi said...

p.s. I like the new blog design! Very cute.

Jill said...

Jackie: YOU are funny!

Dianna: Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

Kandi: Thanks so much for your compliment. I'm trying. So much to learn...such a small brain to do it with!

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

cracks me up! i would NEVER EVER open my mouth - Lord only knows where my boys hands have been! I try and I try but somehow their little fingernails seem to always be dirty! I have scrub brushes at every sink & I instruct them every day..... Sam's Club is our spot- I put the boys on one of the big long bed carts & give them the freebies & off we go! :) have a great week!