Friday, April 29, 2011

A Special Morning

Many mornings,
I am up at 4:00 a.m.
I think it's an inherited
internal clock from
generations past.

I had good reason today.
Of course,
I was excited about the
Royal Wedding.
A girl is never too old
to believe in fairy tales
and happy endings, is she?
Even if she's kind of old,
unmarried and not dating,

here are my two cents on the whole shebang.
I thought the Queen looked
wonderful in yellow.
I honestly just think she is the cutest thing.

I loved, loved, loved
Pippa's dress.
Simply stunning elegance!
Of course,
Princes William and Harry
were dashing as always.

And Kate.
Beautiful, stunning,
elegant Kate.
Perfection in her veil,
tierra and dress.

By all appearances,
it seemed that everything
was smooth sailing.
I'm happy for the bride and groom.

My favorite moment of the entire morning?
Waking my daughter at 5:04 a.m.,
just in time to see the ceremony.
She dashed for her camera
and took many, many pictures
of the couple on the T.V.
Bless her heart.
Her pictures will mean more
to her than any done by
the magazines and newspapers.

I felt so proud and blessed
watching her in her excitement.
After hearing her say for at least the 20th time
" I want her dress!"
I was secretly saying,
THANK YOU, Kate and William
for having your wedding
AFTER the Prom!
Image: Britain's Prince William kisses his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace (© Matt Dunham/AP)
P.S.  I've taped the two kisses for her so she can
see it after school.  I'm sure
this picture won't be enough for her!


Valerie said...

You captured the event in words and pictures! You are quite lucky Prom came first!

Young Adventures... said...

Haven't watched it yet, but see many photos! I agree with your sentiments...exactly. Have a wonderful weekend Jill!

Kayla said...

The kids and I set the DVR to start taping at 4:00 this morning and then we got up at 5:30 to watch and have pancakes! Great fun....even the boys got up!

Kandi said...

I DVR'd it and B. and I just watched it. She had a HUGE smile on her face! I agree with all your thoughts, it was beautiful!

Jackie said...

I had to work today so I didnt get up for the wedding. I know Oprah is having a special today so i plan on watching that at 4 pm. I'm glad you got the "kiss" picture for your daughter....she will love it.