Thursday, April 21, 2011

Frosty Morn'

After waking to snow
on the ground yesterday,
we awoke to a frosty morning.
While the snow is long gone,
Jack Frost had
kissed the ground in the night.
A bit of fog remained,
burning off shortly after
I took this picture.
I love my street.
Hundreds of pine trees
stand at full attention,
waiting to greet me when I awake
and to silently wish me sweet dreams
before I fall asleep.

It may not be pretty to you today
but I love the
unpredictability of the weather
this time of year
here in good ole' Minnesota.
I love the birds singing,
the smell of spring in the air
and knowing the trees
and flowers
are soon going to grace us with their
It just adds a spring to my step.

Take time to enjoy
whatever gifts nature
offers you on
this glorious day.


Anonymous said...

What a great message!

We're having sun and temps in the 70's today. I'll send you some!

Kayla said...

I love your street too - I just wish I could have visited in in person when I lived up there!