Thursday, March 17, 2011

A True Story

Top 'O the Mornin'
to Ye Lads and Lassies!

While I am part Irish,
there is no blarney in
my story of a St. Patrick's Day
long, long ago.
(Make that about 40 years ago).

It took place in a land,
far, far away from here.
(Alright, it was only about 110 miles from here).
when I was just a young lass.
(I really was a young lass once).

It was thee eve of St. Patrick's Day
(or St. Urho's Day as I shared with you yesterday).
as I slept soundly in my bed.
While unbeknown to me,
some leprechauns
were out and about the town.
Up to a ye bit of wee
mischief they were.
Yet I didn't realize it
until St.  Patty's Day itself.

As I left my home
for the short walk to get the mail,
everything seemed "normal"
on that beautiful morn'.
Although, I will admit,
the greens seemed greener
all around.

I was a little later than usual
that day,
so to the front door of the Post Office I went.
A quick glance at the main street,
revealed something unusual.
There, before me Irish Eyes,
was a wide,
green stripe,
right down the middle of Maddy Street.
I quickly wiped my eyes
sure that I was seeing things.
But alas, when I opened these eyes,
the stripe remained!

I remained on the sidewalk,
but my steps quickened as I followed the stripe.
My path led me to the local
Can you imagine my surprise
when I saw a huge
shamrock painted
on the walk
in front of the store?

I felt is necessary to do some
further investigating
so I crossed the street.
There! In front of the bowling
alley AND the bank
were two more huge
In didn't end there.
The gas station and
grocery store
magically had
shamrocks there too!
It seems the leprechauns
had been up to more than a
wee bit of mischief.

I couldn't wait to get home
to tell my Mom
what I had seen.
The whole town was
a buzz
over the town of green
for days months.

Some say they spotted
spots of green paint
in places where it shouldn't have been,
had it been the leprechauns.
Others laughed it off
and assured others
it had to have been

No one knows for certain
who the culprits were.
Or if they do,
they aren't saying.

I'd like to believe
in the little green men
scurrying around while other slept,
painting my little ole town Green!

May you find a little magic
today and always.

Irish Toast

Here's to you and yours
And to mine and ours
And if mine and ours
ever come across you and yours,
I hope you and yours will do
as much for mine and ours
as mine and ours have done
for you and yours!



BettyJean @ Shabby Tea Party said...

Ahh yes, i'twas the little green man himself to be certain. But in all the places he put shamrocks, thare was no pot of gold to be found?? Now that's a real shame isn't it. He'd be keepin' it to himself fer sure, that one! HaHa...Loved your story. Happy St. Patty's, Hugs

Kandi said...

Love your stories, Jill! What a sight that must've been!