Friday, January 21, 2011

For the Shape I'm In

My Mom had a saying and it went like this:
"For the shape I'm in,
I'm in pretty good shape."

At my age, I still do pretty well.
I shovel and blow my own snow.
I trim my acres of trees myself.
I do the heavy lifting.

I'm doing my walking program for
at least an hour a day.
I am averaging 4 miles per day.
I'm still pretty flexible.

My energy is pretty good.
I still like to run errands and shop.
I began taking my kids camping last summer.
Set up my tent all by myself!

This aging stuff isn't too bad!

There is one thing I am not enjoying though.
I am wondering if any of you have guessed it yet.
I doubt you young whipper snappers have.
But I bet those of you in my age bracket have.

It happened to my Mom.
For years, she required my assistance while shopping.
It happened to my sister.
I sometimes send her several pairs in a care package.
I see my best friend squinting.

Personally, I have some by my bedside,
my couch,
the kitchen counter,
my purse
and a pair in the car.
I am in big trouble if I don't have them
with me at ALL times.

Have you all figured it out yet?

You're likely thinking that I can't properly
control my fonts on here today.
Let me assure you,
this one time, technology is NOT my foe.

It's the part of aging I HATE!
Not being able to read a thing,
without my reading glasses!

This has been my little demonstration into what you have to look forward to,
if you don't already share this current challenge with me.
I bet the rest of you can't can wait!


Valerie said...

I laughed out loud! At work. Not good! This is so funny. And, yes, I SAW the point.

Kandi said...

I have to wear glasses all the's a bummer.

Kayla said...

Very clever Jill! I have needed glasses since the 5th grade - but I am starting to do the thing where you put things waaaaaay out in front of you when reading....or asking for the kids to just read stuff to me!!!

Jill said...

I almost think I'd rather have regular glasses. I would hope I wouldn't constantly be looking for them but then again...ha!

Heidi said...

I was always so annoyed when my mom would constantly be asking me to read the price tag for her at a store, thread a needle for her sewing project, or read the cooking directions on something she was making because she didn't know where her glasses were at the time! YES, I am exactly that person now and I am annoying my own children with the same demands and excuse! :)