Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Fun: Part 2

As promised, I'm here to tell you about
the second half of our Saturday fun day with

Since we were in the area,
we decided to stop by the State Capitol
for a free (yes, free) tour!
I hadn't been since I was a child
and Becky had never been
so it was an exciting time!

As a side note,
my Mom attended Governor Rudy Perpich's
inaugural ball many years ago.
I remember the fancy shoes she wore
and felt like I was walking in her
It made me feel warm all over.

As I am getting older,
I find myself completely entranced
with architecture.
Most of my pictures reflect that.
At least, I hope they do.
Here we go.
The girls sitting near the entryway.

My favorite plaque.

I find this view amazing!

Incredible pillars.
They serve no purpose other then to be


The Senate room.

The House of Representatives.

Images of looking upward.

Lady Liberty influence along with
Native Americans and Traders
in the House of Representatives.

One example of the gorgeous
art work.

What a striking staircase.
We decided it would be fun to
be a bride walking down them.

The view as we stood on the
Capitol Steps.

If you've never been to visit
your State Capitol,
I'd like to encourage you to go.
So much history.
So much architecture.
So much to see.
And it was all free!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour.


Karen's Ideas Galore said...

Well, this one brings me back to high school. Our choir did get to sing in the Rotunda, so that was fun!

Did you know that there is an Art Treasure Hunt there? You buy a little booklet for $2:

"Go on a self-guided scavenger hunt to discover 12 beautiful and important decorations in the State Capitol building. Each self-guided booklet includes a set of 12 gold stars that are placed next to the corresponding photographs when the item is discovered. At the end of the hunt, visitors are awarded a gold state seal, get Capitol architect Cass Gilbert's signature and become Junior Art Historians. The booklet is available at the Capitol's Information Desk."

I haven't done it yet...but I want to!

Jill said...

Karen: I had no idea about the Treaure Hunt. That would have been a great thing to do! This was a spur of the moment visit so there was no time to plan ahead. If we go back, I'll revisit your comment. Thank you! P.S. You need to add that to your blog. :)

Valerie said...

I want to go. I honestly don't remember if we made that trip when I was in school. Great pictures!