Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Reminder

Christmas, 2010
is but a mere memory.
Valentine's Day is
but a few days away.

This seems to be the
appropriate time to take a moment
to think about each other.
And how we treat each other.
Not just on holidays,
rather every day.

It's so easy.
Easy to not think about the words we choose.
Easy not to think about the tone we use.
Easy to believe our words and actions
will just dissipate in the wind.
It's so easy to believe those we love
will be here forever.
It's so easy to believe
we will be here forever.

But it isn't so.

Physical wounds heal.
Harsh words never go away...
they replay over and over in our heads
and heart.
They continue to trample us
long after they are spoken.

If I could do one thing today,
it would be to prevent someone
from saying something mean.
 Take your time today.
Think about your words
and how you speak them.
Don't just show someone you love them,
thank them for being in your life.
Appreciate all they have done for you...
and what they will do for you.

Take care of their heart.
Be kind.
Be loving.
Be positive.
Be at peace.

1 comment:

Kayla said...

Kandi and I were just talking about this today....must be a message that God wants us to get, huh???